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Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer (Demo)


Through the years, many homeowners and aspiring buyers overlook the job of an interior designer in their quest for elegant and comfy homes. After all, why should you hire someone to style and decorate your dwelling place when you can simply ask your real estate agent, consult your architect or even do it on your own? Interior designers, real estate agents and architects all work in the same industry. Keep in mind though that the job of a real estate agent is to sell a property while an architect is mostly concerned about the aesthetics of a structure.

Real estate agents and architects don’t dwell much on interior design. Various design ideas are freely shared on the web which could be helpful in case you decide to carry out a do-it-yourself interior styling and decorating. However, countless of DIY designing endeavors turned out to be disasters. If you are still unconvinced to hire a professional specializing in interior design, you can go over the following reasons as to why you should get an interior designer for your home:

  1. You’ll need a middle man.

As a middle man, an interior designer works like your personal liaison officer. He assists in doing the paperwork required for your house construction or home remodeling. Additionally, he can deal with subcontractors in your behalf. Nowadays, it only takes one call or message to get subcontractors to finish a job for you. It’s easy to hire one but it’s not easy to deal with them. Having a middle man saves you from the possible confusion arising from interacting with subcontractors. Your middle man will also do the job of instructing your subcontractors.

  1. A professional helps you save money.

It might seem counter-intuitive but professionals do help in preventing additional costs. Interior designers, on their part, save their clients from damage, reparation and remodeling costs. Damage and reparation costs could be triggered by erroneous planning, poor workmanship and the use of substandard materials. If there are severe damages in your home interior, you have the option to remodel and that entails additional costs. An experienced interior designer can help you avoid such hassles by recommending quality materials and skilled subcontractors, and providing a detailed plan before the remodeling takes off.

  1. Hiring a professional boosts your chances of a quick and profitable resale of your home.

If you see yourself buying a new property and reselling your home in a few years, you should get professional assessment from an interior designer. The expertise and network of interior designers help you find prospective buyers easily. Aside from that, they can also style your home interior into a magazine-worthy look. Afterwards, they can get an expert photographer to capture the look. Once the photograph is digitally enhanced, you can post it in listings or let your middle man handle that himself.

Hiring a professional for your interior design also increases your home resale value. An increased home resale value is not just valuable when you are opting to resell your property but it is also beneficial when you are applying for a mortgage loan or home insurance.

  1. A professional gives you alternatives.

With so many interior design ideas floating on the Internet, it’s easy to get pictures of what design you want to see in your home. However, no matter how hard you try and how much you spend, the finished interior may not always resemble the designs you prefer. An interior designer can help you in this problem. Nevertheless, it is important to note that it is unethical for interior designers to copy piece after piece from their fellows. Being creative is part of their job but they can borrow ideas or take inspiration from others. If you badly want a certain design, your chosen designer will offer similar—or even better—alternatives.

  1. Get your home construction or remodeling done as scheduled.

When an interior designer makes a plan, he doesn’t focus on the layout and style of your home interior alone. He also creates a timetable for the construction or remodeling. By doing so, you can know the tentative date when you can occupy your newly furnished dwelling place.

Unexpected events such as natural disasters may come along the way and disrupt the timetable created by your middle man. Don’t worry about this if you hire someone who has been in the field for years. As a client, you should also understand that a timetable will only give you a close estimate as to when your home is ready for occupancy. It may get delayed for a handful of days but on the bright side, it may even be finished way before the scheduled date.

  1. Live in a place where the mixture of colors, textures and styles made sense.

A lot of homeowners encounter organizational problems more than once. These problems are caused by their irrational desire to place additional furniture, equipment or ornaments in their already compact homes. Aside from organizational problems, this irrational desire can also lead to an interior design that doesn’t make any sense.

Your interior designer can help you pick the right furniture, fixtures, appliances, ornaments, fabrics and tiles for your home. To make sure that there is unity among the aforementioned interior design essentials, both of you must agree on a theme first. The theme will be the basis for almost everything—from color selection to shopping furniture and other materials.

  1. Fulfill your dream interior without spending way beyond the budget you set.

Your interior designer will give you an estimate as to how much it takes to bring your dream interior into life. If the quote is too much for you to handle, the two of you can always agree on adjustments. It is also better if you already tell him, right from the start, the amount you have set aside for your home construction or remodeling. However, make sure you also have spare cash in case something goes wrong or if you want to modify something in the middle of renovation.