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Which Type Of Lightings Should You Choose? (Demo)


Achieving your dream home involves paying attention to more than just the furniture and fixtures. Lighting is just as important, if not more so, as any other design component in your home.  Your expensive new sofa may not mean anything if you don’t have the proper lighting to accentuate it. The mood of your whole kitchen or bathroom depends heavily on the lighting you use.


Because of the wide range of bulbs and lights available for homeowners, choosing the right ones can be challenging.  It should be a welcome challenge for you.  You do not have to do all the work yourself since a lot of help is available online.  To get you started, here are some of the most popular types available from brands like Singapore Philips lighting. Also included are tips on when and where to use them.


LED Cove Lights

A lot of homeowners use cove lights from Singapore Philips lighting in their living rooms and dining halls. Cove lights are mounted onto ledges in ceilings and shine light upwards as well as down the adjacent walls. They are perfect for accentuating dining tables and sofas. Although they are used primarily for aesthetic purposes, they still do an excellent job in providing ample lighting to the entire room.


Perhaps the number one advantage of cove lighting is that it hides the light tubes so that they do not affect your interior design.  Those who prefer clean and uncluttered interior design go for LED cove lights such as those available from Singapore Philips lighting.


LED Strips

LED strips function similarly to cove lights, although they are more energy efficient. They too can be hidden away from sight. But unlike cove lights, they are more flexible and versatile. For cove lights, you can only install them on ceilings. But for LED strips, you can easily plaster them to the back of your TV, or perhaps your bathroom mirror. You can even go all out and install LED strips above your kitchen counter. They will immediately add a touch of sophistication to any room. Nowadays, it is rare to see a modern home in Singapore without at least one spot where LED strips are installed.


LED strips from Singapore Philips lighting are sold by the meter and you can choose between warm white or daylight.  There are also stores that include installation in their services.  They will also install the appropriate power supply needed to sustain these LED strips.


Hanging Lights

The primary purpose of hanging lights is to make a room look more stylish. Especially if you have simple furniture, hanging lights will add just the right amount of classy and playful design to your room.


Included in this type of lighting are chandeliers and pendant lights. A popular place to install them is above kitchen islands. Just make sure not to hang them too low or too close to the table.  Lighting stores will usually help you with the proper measurement for your hanging lights. Also keep in mind that hanging lights look better in groups of odd numbers than even numbers.


Even though fluorescent bulbs used to be the go-to choice for hanging lights, LED lights from Singapore Philips lighting are considered to be more efficient these days. If used and installed properly, hanging lights are perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing among the different types of lighting.


Track Lights

Track lighting is a type of lighting where two or more fixtures are mounted onto a single rod. Electrical current passes through this rod. You can move these multiple fixtures independently from each other. For instance, you can have one fixture facing the right side, another fixture going straight through the middle, and another fixture facing the left side.


Although originally used to light up a stage during concerts and plays, track lights are now used as a trendy new way to light up modern houses. They come in a wide array of hip designs used in home entertainment systems, gaming rooms, and even in the bedroom. If you want something cool and different, have track lights above your TV or bed.


LED Downlights

Downlights are also popular items from brands like Singapore Philips lighting. They are simple yet elegant. They are visible yet do not clutter a room. You can’t go wrong with downlights. They are the safe choice if you are not sure what kind of lights will best suit a particular room. They also work well in limited spaces. Because they use Philips LED bulbs, they are energy efficient. They look great in groups of four, one on each corner of the room. Or if energy expenditure isn’t an issue for you, you can install rows of these things in your large living room.


Downlights are versatile because you can use them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or your office. Although they have efficient brightness, they are not too harsh on the eyes. You can also choose between warm white or daylight.



As the name suggests, spotlights shed a single ray of light on a particular piece of furniture or any object such as a painting. They are not used as primary sources of light. They are used as secondary lighting to highlight whatever it is you want extra attention on. For instance, they are used to light up a trophy case in the living room, or perhaps a mirror in the bathroom. Whatever it is, spotlights are the instant way to get people to notice something.


Light Bulbs

These conventional lighting fixtures are still around and enjoy its own share of consumer preference.  There are still a lot of types and styles of light bulbs.  There are different designs of Singapore Philips lighting fixtures, for instance, that vary in terms of tone and wattage.  If you are unsure of what you need, you can simply bring in your old one and tell the lighting store personnel that you need a replacement.


For more options in lighting fixtures, you can browse online and check out your options.  You may also pick up some tips on how to maximize your lighting in order to save on costs, both on installation and on your regular energy consumption.