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What You Need to Set Up the Ultimate Home Cinema


Of course, nothing quite beats the experience of watching movies on a massive silver screen. But the pandemic has given movie buffs quite the scare, depriving them of the cinema for long periods of time. Plus, home theatres just make the lockdown that much more bearable.

Here’s what you’ll need to set up the ultimate home cinema.

1. 360 Degree Sound

The iconic whispery voice that goes around the hall informing you of its Dolby surround sound capability – you can have that at home. Shop a 360 degree sound system to create an immersive experience that instantly elevates your home-viewing experience.

2. Complementary Mood Lighting

Because why not? With mood lighting being a big part of the Instagram game nowadays, you have plenty of affordable choices when adorning your home theatre. Wanna take it up a notch? Check out this Philips Hue smart lighting that can even project gradient hues!

3. Plush Movie Seater

This is where home theatres potentially top cinemas: you can upgrade your seating, once and for all. Invest in a huge, plush sofa that you can practically drown in, a luxurious recliner or even massage chairs. Sit, squat or stand however you like too – nobody cares.

4. Comfort Wrap

You’ll notice that air-conditioners are missing from the list because we don’t think we need to mention that. But no comfy seating and aircond combo is complete without a cozy blanket. Besides, you need it to wipe your tears during a romcom or cover your face when watching horror. Get one, or ten.

5. Gourmet Popcorn

Another win for home theatre: no more ridiculously priced concessions! Buy your own gourmet popcorn and stuff your face – we have plenty of local brands doing that.

6. Smart Remote

You need a smart remote – whether as an app on your phone, a wireless mouse or something even smarter – so that once you’re settled in with your blankets, snacks and drinks, you never have to get up.

7. Projector

You’ve seen countless ads, so you’re no stranger to this. With brands like Lumos, Xiaomi and more, you’re spoiled for options. Find one that fits your budget and feature requirements, and you’ll be all set!

Jason Lee

Senior Design Consultant at Carpenters, expertise lies in transforming spaces into functional and stylish homes with his 7+ years of experience in interior design.