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Urban Retreat: Your Singapore Lighting

A technological and industrial dynamo, Singapore delivers on the bright lights, big city vibe in ways that are both negative and positive. City living can be fast-paced and stressful. Having a multitude of amenities and businesses that are just within a few minutes of one another simplifies living. It begs the question, however, that when you live in the middle of it all, where is your retreat? It is only natural to seek reprieve from all the hustle and bustle. Even if your home is in the centre of the urban setting, it is possible for it to be a refreshing and calm environment for you.

Lighting is integral to the creation of the mood of a home or a room. The wrong light can make your study sessions feel like torture, your dining experience miserable, and destroy your vision. The right lighting, however, can make you feel happier about the things that you do, energize you, and is likely much better for your eyes. In this day and age, Singapore lighting can be complicated. The prevalence of tall buildings and their proximity to one another limits the amount of natural light that flows into interior spaces, and the broad selection of fixture style and design can make decisions regarding your room lighting more difficult than it needs to be. Here are some tips for how to create your own Singapore lighting and upgrade your urban setting into an urban paradise.


Keeping it Natural

              As difficult as it can be in the urban setting, natural light is the ideal Singapore lighting in any situation. With the tropical climate, having large windows that a lot of light and wind in are desirable, but require curtains for when the sun becomes too harsh (and for sound insulation). White paint can reflect light, and can thus maximize a limited supply of natural light if placed in the correct location relative to it. In the absence of such features or options, there are alternatives.


Hanging Pendant Lights

Hanging pendant lights are popular in the Singapore lighting industry. They are simple fixtures that come in a plethora of wonderful designs. It is common for multiple pieces to be installed around the room. Designs that incorporate frosted glass around the bulbs can create a soft and peaceful glow. Such pieces are simple, elegant, and allow for the even distribution of light in such a way that ensures that it is not overwhelming to the eyes. More industrial designs that incorporate metallic and cage-like components are good statement pieces in any part of the home. Typically, these are on the boxy side and make use of highly-structured parts and clean lines. Yellow light goes best with these types of fixtures because they soften the otherwise more intensely structured pieces.


Generally, these pieces are a fun way to light the room, but not too brightly. The light emitted from these is best described as a glow, one that can be subtle or illuminating. They can create interesting textures and various intensities of light, making for dynamic and diverse design choices. Hanging pendant lights make excellent components of particular design palettes (for example, the cage-like designs and the industrial design style), and can become interesting statement pieces in simpler interiors. The glow of a hanging pendant light can create that calming and refreshing vibe otherwise lost in the bustle of the city environment.



In order to create that refreshing Singapore lighting feel, placing lights behind particular structural pieces energizes the room and its inhabitant. Having light come from different parts and components of a room allows the space to be seen in a different light. Different aspects of each part of the room are illuminated. These give a unique perspective of each structural piece, and make it seem as if light comes from every corner of the room. It is as if the room is imbued with a vitality that can be infectious.


LED bulbs are relatively small, and do not heat up easily. Backlights can be difficult to change, and the relatively long life of the LED bulb is well-suited to minimal maintenance in this area. Their bright light can still be seen when partially obscured by furniture, and they come in a variety of different colours to match any kind of interior décor. Backlighting produces a vibrant glow that makes interaction with the different components of the room both more interesting and more invigorating. It is a good way to light what would dark corners of your home.


Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are flexible fixtures that can easily be moved around to different parts of the home, and illuminate different levels of the room. There is a wide variety of designs and styles for this kind of lighting fixture. They can be angled downward, resembling tall reading lamps with relatively targeted light, or with an evenly distributed glow guided by a lampshade. Their light can be funnelled upward toward the ceiling where it spills out over a corner of the room. This plays with interesting and unique shapes and textures of light and shadows. The light bathing the floor lamp’s area gradually lessens in intensity the farther away you are from the lamp. Thus, the area around the lamp turns into a unique space in the home: one that is fully illuminated, but in a quiet, subtle way. It is a space to feel calm and recharge.


The effect created by this kind of lighting is similar to that of backlighting, but with increased flexibility. Floor lamps are easy-to-maintain, simple, and can be used for a variety of purposes. They can even be functional art installations, both to accent the home and illuminate it. They are an excellent example of refreshing and relaxing Singapore lighting for the urban home.


Against the highly developed and industrialized backdrop of Singapore, your home can become your peaceful retreat simply by choosing the right kind of lighting. Here are only some of the ways that you can use Singapore lighting to turn your home into the kind of space that lets you relax after a stressful day, and recharges you enough to face the next day.