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Turn Your Small Bathroom Into A Luxurious Sanctuary

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To many people, their bathroom is a sanctuary. It is a place to think, analyse and plan; to drown themselves in deep thoughts and come to realisations that would’ve been impossible anywhere else.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a bathroom created for such scenarios. Not all bathrooms give you a place to have a smooth train of thought and come up with concrete, actionable plans.

Having said that, we’ve come up with a list of tips where some are from many interior design company. Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary that has all the features to help make you start your day the right way.

1.     Always Keep it clean

Declutter your bathroom and make sure to clean it every day. Nothing is more relaxing than being in a space that’s spotless, especially if it’s your bathroom.

2.     Decorate with gold, silver, copper, or brass items

Who says your bathroom doesn’t need jewellery?

From taps, railings, and other decorative details, you can invest in high-quality items made out of gold, silver, copper, or brass.

Regardless of your choice, make sure to stick to one metal for all decorations to bring together the look of your entire bathroom. Invest in reflective surfaces like mirrors to add lighting, elegance, and depth to your budding sanctuary.

3.     Invest in fluffy towels

Fluffy towels aren’t always expensive. There are plenty of store-name brands that do quite well for a few bucks. Of course, if you want quality towels for more comfort, you’d have to spend more money.

Either way, regardless of price, fluffy towels can always help to set the mood when you enter and exit the bathroom.

4.     Good lighting is a must

A huge part of making a space more relaxing is to install proper lighting. Even if it’s a candle that helps you relax, then add it in.

Setting the mood with lighting is one of the best yet most inexpensive ways to turn your personal bathroom into a full-on sanctuary.

5.     Take your time

You could have the most luxurious bathroom in the world, but if you didn’t have the time to enjoy it, then it will be all for nought.

Live a little and spend more time than usual in your bathroom relaxing and enjoying the space. Revel in the silence of some alone time; it doesn’t matter if it’s just for few minutes every day or twice a day.

Keep these interior design tips in mind to transform your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary. Start and end your day in the best way!