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Transforming the Heart of Your Home (Demo)


Your home is like your body and if there is a part of it that is considered the counterpart of the heart, it is none other than your living room. Just like the heart that pumps blood and life to your body, the living room is the part of your home, which pumps life to it. Although each and every other room in your home is also unique and important, we know that if there is one part of it that you can pour out your heart and express yourself the most, it is the living room. This is where you get to express your artistic skills and creative side.

What sets the living room apart from any other room in your home?

  1. Purpose

While other rooms are equally important like the kitchen wherein you cook for your daily meals, the bedroom where you sleep and the office where you work, the living room, from the word itself, is where you live the most of your day whenever you’re home. This is where you get to spend precious moments like watching your baby take his first step and watching movies with your family. The living room is also where you often sit together with your family to talk and discuss things – from the simple matters down to the serious ones, such as your teen having his first relationship or your eldest child getting his first job.

The living room is the witness to your families’ most treasured moments. This is also where you welcome your guests that is why you really want to give your living room the best design you can give because a beautifully decorated living room would not only give a warm experience to your guests, but also leave them with a lasting positive impression about you. Can you even imagine a home without a living room?

  1. Space

The living room is commonly the biggest room in any home. This is the room, which needs the most amount of furniture for it to serve its purpose. This is where you get to express your creative side, such as choosing the best sofa set that will fit the color of your walls, picking a center and side table that will add accent to the ambience, choosing the right theater system that will fit its size, adding furnishings, such as potted plants that can give a cool and relaxed feeling down to choosing the carpet that can also add to the feel of your living room.

Because of its space, this is also where you get to spend activities with your family. It also serves as a playground for your children. Apart from all the other rooms in your home, this is where you get to express yourself the most because of its space.

If you want to transform your living room design into something that is simple and functional yet delivers beauty and elegance, then the Scandinavian interior design style is the one for you. It is a style that is known for being driven by functionality and simplicity. It focuses on simple forms that deliver a comfortable and relaxed ambiance.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider in achieving the Scandinavian style for your living room design.

  1. Floors

This style is known for sporting bare floors unlike other designs that use carpets. Wooden floors are commonly used in this style because of its capability to produce an open and relaxing feeling for your living room. You didn’t think something bare can also be beautiful, eh?

  1. Colors

Light and neutral colors are among the trademarks of this living room design. Colors, like white, cool grey, cream and light blue, produce a calm and exquisite ambiance, thus, these are commonly used for this style – from the color of the walls down to the color of the vase on your center table.

  1. Lighting

One of the factors that add life to any room is the amount of natural light that gets inside. That is why the Scandinavian interior design is known for using large windows, allowing sufficient amount of natural light to get inside the room.

  1. A touch of nature

Scandinavians are known for their love of nature that is why this style is also famous for adding a touch of nature in its design. You can achieve this by adding potted plants or wood furnishing into your living room design. Having these in your living room also adds to the comfortable and relaxing ambiance that you want to achieve.

  1. Furniture

Having simplicity as one of its driving principle, this style is famous for using furniture items that are not too grand, but are equally functional. Unlike other designs that lavish on big furniture, this style uses those that are compact and take up less visual space but also deliver the same functionality and also add an ambiance of elegance.

  1. Fireplace

Unlike other styles that usually place the fireplace in the middle of the room, you can achieve the Scandinavian style by positioning the fireplace in the corner of your living room. In this way, it takes up less visual space and does not attract most of the attention, but also contributes a lot to the relaxing ambiance.


Considering all these factors together, you are now ready to start devising a plan for your next living room design. Just bear in mind a line from the poem by Robert Browning, “less is more”. In transforming the heart of your home, remember that you do not need to go after something, which is grand but you may opt to go for the things that are simple yet can help you achieve a warm, comfortable and relaxed ambiance in your living room. Have fun in expressing yourself and allow your creative juices to flow freely.

In this way, you can come up with a wonderful living room design, which will not only pump life to your home and be a witness to the most precious moments of your family but will also leave a positive lasting impression on your guests about you that will allow you to be proud of your masterpiece and will also give them a desire to transform their own living room.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper and start planning the living room design that will not only be able to transform yours but also inspire others!