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Top Three Recommended Interior Design in Singapore (Demo)



Since interior design is one of the things that most Singaporean families are committed to, they always look for the recommended interior design Singapore from expert designers. Families set aside a fair amount of their savings, or even look for a reasonable loan, to beautify their homes. For those starting out a new home or just renovating their current house, here is a top three list of recommended interior design Singapore homeowners really love.


Scandinavian Design


One of the most recommended interior design Singapore homeowners prefer is the Scandinavian design. Scandinavian design was not as popular as it is not until the 1950’s. To create a stylish Scandinavian interior, you need to take into account the color scheme of the whole house. For starters, neutral colors are mainly the theme. Soft and subdued color tones, such as gray, white, and cream, are usually the favorites, but some also prefer paler shades of blue and green. While the neutral color palette can mimic the minimalist design, using another color, which is much bolder to create an artistic statement can give off a contrasting effect.


Scandinavian design is also characterized by its non-usage or minimal usage of carpets unlike in other European designed homes. It is common for this design to incorporate white wood, especially bright-colored wood such as birch, in its floors to make the room look more open and clean. Actually, wood is recommended as a material for the walls, the ceiling and the floor. However, wood as a floor material is not a necessity, and other materials with light colors such as grayish white tiles can be used, instead.


For the furniture, just like with minimalist design, functionality and simplicity are two main factors that influence the overall appeal of the room. Scandinavian furniture are usually those with clean, straight lines and angles, and they are integrated to blend with innovative textiles. The feeling of being with nature and outdoors is also an important theme in a Scandinavian design. For this reason, a balcony or a terrace (even in small apartments) are built to connect homeowners to the outside environment.


Ornate accessories are discouraged in this design, so any traditional, Victorian-like decorations are not recommended. As with minimalist design, this design is also about being free of any clutter or mess.


To summarize, Scandinavian design involves subdued color palette, connecting feeling to outdoors and absence of intricately designed adornment.


Modern Design


Another recommended interior design Singapore homes typically have is the modern design. Modern design can be traced back to 20th century when the modernist movement is emerging. It is an attempt to merge architectural design with the advancement of technology and societal modernization. The prevalent colors of a modern design involve a wide range of color schemes. There are those who would want a warm and inviting color tone while others prefer a calm and serene color tone, instead.


The colors vary a lot, and the palette typically depends on the choice of interior designers and homeowners. Many homes use neutral colors, such as shades of black and white, but there are usually few accent walls painted in bolder shades of primary colors, such as red, yellow, and blue, to create a sense of balance.


Modern design also involves the use of stainless steel throughout the house. This can be manifested through the furniture, such as table legs, chair frames, doorknobs, faucet, and even cabinet handles. It also employs an open floor plan, which connects the living room, kitchen and dining area in one space. The materials used for the walls, the ceiling and the floor can generally be anything as long as they look neat and simple with no complicated, Victorian-like designs.


As with Scandinavian design, modern design is also characterized by the absence of clutter. In what could be encapsulated by the phrase, “less is more”, minimalism plays an essential role in modern design, which is established by the lack of unnecessary details such as excessive colors, textiles, and decorations. Only furniture and equipment that are absolutely essential are placed and installed in a home with a modern design. This is a manifestation of its deep respect towards efficiency and comfort, being two of its core characteristics.


Modern design is usually the most recommended interior design Singapore designers incorporate in their plans.


Industrial Design


The last recommended interior design Singapore currently follows is the industrial design. This is a fairly new concept, which overturns the traditional idea of concealing building materials, such as wood, brick, concrete and industrial lighting fixtures. This is usually the design employed for old buildings renovated to become comfortable living spaces. This trend is also famous for small apartments, especially those who want to decorate lofts in their spaces.


As a rule, industrial interior design involves the usage of rough materials such as metal and steel to look like an “industrial” warehouse. The intent is to create an illusion that the home is incomplete.


This stylish design employs a dark and neutral color palette. One should avoid light and vibrant color tones that make the room look extremely bright. Neutral colors with a bit of warmth, such as shades of gray and darker tones of red can give off that sharp, industrial-style interior. Although dark tones are encouraged, shades of white are also useful if you want to give off a clean feeling and contrast the silver and grayish colors of the furnishings.


As mentioned, industrial interior design features the use of rough surfaces, usually by featuring stainless steel, exposed concrete and bricks, metal lighting fixtures and uncovered pipes and ducts. Strategic placement of these materials on the walls, ceilings and floor can make the home look exposed and appealing. For example, stones work really well on the floor. These are all elements that make up the “unfinished look” of a home.


The theme of metal and steel can also be incorporated in furniture placement. For instance, decorations, such as nickel vases, vintage art pieces, and antique furniture will further bring out the warehouse look of a home. Finally, standing floor lamps with metallic and steel-like finishes can brighten up a room especially if darker color shades were used in the interiors.


That ends the top three list of recommended interior design Singapore homeowners usually opt for. Families can choose only one main design theme, but they can also experiment and combine any of the mentioned designs together to find the best one that suits their tastes and needs.