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Tips on Office Interior Design in Singapore (Demo)



The overall aesthetic appeal of an office is one of the most important factors that affect a person’s productivity and creativity. This is especially evident in Singapore where people really set aside a fair amount of money to invest in interior design. Those who are just starting out their own businesses or those who just want to renovate their old offices always look for the kind of office interior design Singapore designers typically suggest.


Whether they want to create a professional environment or lighten up the monotonous atmosphere in work, the primary goal is always inclined to beautifying their offices. Here are some tips to create the finest office interior design Singapore companies would really love:


Space Planning and Diagramming


A space plan is an important thing in office interior design Singapore companies almost always start with. This means that how the office space will be used should be taken into account before anything else. An office layout should be diagrammed before, for instance, jumping to furniture placement or decorating the whole office. The principal aim of this process is to ensure that the office space is efficiently maximized and that it is conducive to effective communication and unity among employees.


Space planning is also essential because when the office layout is arranged according to the needs of the companies, there is a great chance of boosting productivity since employees work well in an organized environment.


When a space plan is present, furniture placement also becomes easier because it helps ensure that the furniture to be placed fits well inside the office.  When diagramming the furniture into the space plan, you should also take the size of the office into consideration.


Of course, space planning is especially difficult for people with no expertise on the matter, so a consultation with office interior designers is necessary. Usually, they make preliminary diagram, incorporate it with the building regulations of Singapore, then proceed to furniture placement planning. When hiring a designer consultant to make an office space plan, make sure that he/she has the spatial capabilities and expertise in office interior detailing.





Colors and Materials Used on the Interiors


For specific details, such as colors and materials to use on the interiors, it is recommended that a company owner explains his vision to the interior designer.


Good office interior design Singapore designers usually recommend those with color schemes that match with the lighting of the office space. Color palettes affect an office in two ways: how the space can be seen, whether larger or smaller, and how it psychologically affects the employees, whether stimulating or soothing. Generally, the colors are up to the company owners, but there are at least three color schemes they can opt for.


The first choice is to go with warmer color tones if they want to give employees a stimulated and excited sensation when they are at work. Bold and vibrant colors, like shades of red, are usually used in lounges to increase appetite. Another choice are cooler, nature-like color tones if they want a more soothing environment. Shades of blue and green, as well as pastels and soft, muted colors, are typically used to evoke that relaxing and calming atmosphere.


The last color schemes they can choose are the company’s branding colors. Using the colors of their own brand as their palette is also a common occurrence among a number of offices.


There is a wide array of choices for the materials to use on office walls, ceiling, and floor. For instance, the finish material to be applied on the floor can generally be a carpet, linoleum, ceramic tiles, wood, and many more. Of course, these interior materials are dependent on the company owners’ budget and preference.


For other important interior and construction works such as plumbing, electrical works, and air conditioning, it is best to consult interior and renovation company experts. Companies should never attempt to save costs by installing these by themselves using people with no expertise on the matter.


Placement of Furniture


After finishing the space plans and the painting and covering the interiors, the placement of furniture is the next step. Again, this depends the company’s choice and financial capability. Nevertheless, a great office interior design Singapore company recommends cheap but stylish and functional furniture. Choosing one reliable furniture business that will meet the company’s needs and ordering furniture in bulk from it are two ways to lessen the expenses.


A common idea in furniture placement is to put desks and chairs in front of a large glass window. This provides natural lighting and a wonderful view of skyscrapers especially if the office is located high in a building. Among the furniture you can add are sofa chairs and coffee tables for clients, shelves and tall bookcases, and office partitions. As an important note, the designs and colors of the furniture should blend well with the colors of the interior.


Obviously, companies can also opt to consult with interior design and renovation experts for furniture placement. This usually costs more, but the result is more satisfying and aesthetically appealing.


Décor and Lighting


A stylish office interior design Singapore typically comes with great ornate pieces and décor not just for the employees but also for their clients. The aesthetic appeal of an office has a great impact on a client’s perception on the overall state of a company, so it is important to maintain the office and decorate it well. In short, adornment is especially helpful in attracting clients, and growing one’s business.


To start, you can place potted plants in offices to add more life to the room and create a sense of contrasting effect if the office is too formal and monotonous. You can also showcase art pieces, such as paintings, on the wall as long as they can blend well in the room. These artworks can also help allay the bareness of the room.


Finally, for lighting, it is wise to look for overhead lighting with right ambience and brightness. To soften the light source especially at night, lamps with appropriate shades can be placed on desks. Nevertheless, it is advisable to let natural light reach the office. Artificial overhead lights and natural lights from outside can produce a beautiful and bright illumination. Large glass windows with classy curtains can do this job.


In conclusion, a great office interior design Singapore varies based on one’s preferences. Those who want to renovate their offices can use the tips mentioned above to achieve their own idea of a great office interior design.