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The Essentials of a Space-Efficient Master Bedroom Design (Demo)


A master bedroom exudes an air of authority, which no other room in the house can match. Aside from the fact that it usually serves as the haven of the household authority figure, this is also the most spacious room in homes with multiple bedrooms. A walk-in closet, bathroom and powder room are regarded as staples in master bedroom design in which space is not much of an issue. However, that is not the case for the Singaporean urban home. Typically situated in high-rise buildings, interior designers and homeowners herein make space-efficiency the topmost concern in planning.

For a space-efficient master bedroom, the addition of a walk-in closet and a fully furnished bathroom is no longer a boon; it is more of a burden. A simple bathroom (one with a shower enclosure, toilet and sink) will suffice if the space allows. However, it isn’t included as one of the most space-efficient master bedroom essentials that are as follows:

Before dwelling on the essentials, make sure to stick on one theme. This theme will be the basis for all the color schemes and other room accents later on.


The bed is a must-have in any master bedroom design. It is considered as the main piece of furniture in the bedroom. When it comes to mattresses, you can choose a bulky one if you are comfortable with it. A tailor-made bed framework will help resolve the large space consumed by a bulky mattress and other problems.

Constructing a wooden platform can substitute a 4-poster bed. It looks less heavy as the latter. Additionally, the wooden platform may also be modified to add storage spaces, such as drawers and open shelves.

A customized closet and cabinetry attached to one wall in the bedroom is another space-saving technique. To make it look both appealing and neat-looking, stick to one or two complementing colors for the doors and panels. If you have shelves of different sizes, you can opt to hide it with a door. You can also apply the same to your vanity table. You may replace door knobs with simple carvings intended for opening.


Wall Aesthetics

Gone are the days when empty bedroom walls are regarded as relaxing. Even in a minimalist master bedroom design, a wall décor is a must-have.

For centuries, murals and framed paintings are favorites. In recent years, there’s a decline in demand for murals. Framed and unframed paintings remain popular choices, but they share the spotlight with other contemporary wall decors. There is a wide array of wall hangings out there – handmade, printed, made from indigenous materials, metallic, plastic-made, and so on. However, the most space-efficient one is wall stickers.

If you want chic wall aesthetics, you do not have to go for wallpaper. Wall stickers can save you the strenuous job of attaching and maintaining wallpaper. The price of wall stickers is dependent on your preferred style and size but it remains way cheaper than wallpaper. Plus, it can set your master bedroom apart from others because of its uniqueness.

Ceiling, Flooring and Lighting

In a space-efficient master bedroom design, it is better to leave most of the ceiling and flooring clear. In addition to the main lights of the bedroom, the complementing lights should be strategically and symmetrically placed in the ceiling. However, if you are scared that you may end up having a boring ceiling, you can ask your interior designer to plan it in such a way that it can elevate the other areas. You can make use of the elevation to place lights strategically.

For the flooring in a master bedroom design, a room-wide carpeted floor can make it look compacted. A wooden floorboard is the solution. You can place a small carpet or mat there, as well.

Window Treatments

Which do you prefer – one large window or two (or more) small windows? Actually, the number and size of your windows are not the most important factors to consider when planning your master bedroom design. After all, some buildings do not allow excessive window modifications. The one you should be more concerned of are your window treatments.

When it comes to window treatments, curtains and blinds always come in mind. Both do not consume much space as these are only concentrated in one area of your bedroom (or two, if you have window in another wall of your bedroom). However, the window treatment you choose can have an impact on the illusion of space that a small master bedroom badly needs.

In this case, curtains are better than blinds. When fully opened, the windows can create the illusion of additional space. At the same time, it helps boost the lighting and ventilation in your room.

But then again, curtains are far from perfect. They bring privacy issues, especially since the bedroom is in populated high-rise buildings. Blinds are an answer for privacy issues, but if you are comfortable with your surroundings, you can just add another light-colored curtain behind your main, thick drapery.


Once the abovementioned master bedroom design essentials are settled, you can proceed to choosing your bedroom ornaments. When adding accents to a bedroom with limited size, remember the principle that less is more. Such principle is applicable in bedrooms of different sizes, but it is more applicable in smaller bedrooms.

These ornaments may be placed in your bedside, open shelf, window-side and table. Vases and jars are among the top ornaments. These may or may not contain flowers or other items. Aside from containers, you can also place candles on your bedside and tables. These can serve as centerpiece for tables. Scented candles can help improve the ambiance of your bedroom. You can also go for candles that can improve relaxation while you take a rest.

For bedroom appliances, stand-alone appliances can be good solutions. When not in use, you can hide them away in your cabinets. For your air conditioning needs, shop for a model that you can easily affix to wall.