Surprising Ways You Can Design Your Home

Everybody knows how pleasant it is to live in a home that is well-furnished, and that is when interior design comes in. It is without a doubt that interior design is an essential factor in creating a place in which you and your family can live harmoniously.

Below, we will unview the secrets on ways of designing your home innovatively.

Use optical illusion

To create an optical illusion by using your furniture, you will have to find designs that have a vertical attribute to create the vertical-horizontal illusion which is the key to making your room look bigger. One way of doing this is to put wall decors that have vertical lines on it such as stickers and matting.

It is an especially useful trick for many home owners in Singapore, in particular, condominiums as there is very little room in the apartment. As a result, many use this method to make their living space look bigger to create a more cosy environment for their guests and themselves.

Substitute benches for chairs

Although it might sound unconventional as most people would use chairs for their dining tables, it can be good to stay away from the usual trend once in a while because at times, sticking out can be the best possible option for your home.

Besides, there are many benefits to using benches instead of chairs. By making use of benches, you can maximise the number of people sitting in your dining room as you are able to squeeze in more people as opposed to the standard four chairs when dining together.

Use mirrors to embellish your home

Aside from creating an optical illusion look which can make your living room, dining room or any other room look spacious, mirrors are also perfect for adorning your home even further.

However, to make full use of the benefits of mirrors, you have to be careful of its placement in the room. Before you put the mirror you must first evaluate the area on which you will hang it, be sure that space is large enough so that the area will not look too compressed as our goal here is to make your living space bigger.

Combine metallics, especially gold and silver

This technique can truly make a difference in terms of differentiating a passive design from an elegant design because gold and silver are the best when it comes to the combination of metallic shades and can bring life to your home.

You can use these techniques on the various items that you can put inside your home, more specifically in the living room, such as lamp shades with a gold metallic body and a desk with a silver garnish on its corner.

Showcase used tableware on a glass door cabinet

Including tableware on your glass door cabinet is an excellent way to give your dining room a classy look. However, the trouble here is that exquisite tableware are very expensive items that can put a toll on your budget.

In this case, if you are tight on cash, you shouldn’t be getting brand new tableware. Instead, you should buy second-hand pieces of tableware that are still in good condition as at the end of the day, these items are just for display purposes. Moreover, you can even get those that are vintage-looking to create a whole new look for your living space!