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Smart Storage Solutions for Bedrooms

Itโ€™s hard to find enough storage in space constraint bedrooms, where the bed usually takes up most of the room space, leaving little room for anything else. To help you maximise storage in your small bedroom, Here are some bedroom design ideas with we have come up with!

  1. Nightstands

Have them work extra hard by doubling them up as your dressing table. This nightstand is also an effective divider between the sleeping area and wardrobe.

(photo credits: Carpenters)

2. Storage Platforms

Craft a storage platform bed that encompassed drawers by the side, under-bed storage for maximized storage space.

(photo credits: Carpenters)

ย 3.Frame your bed with built-in storage

Maximise oft-unused space by installing built-ins up and around your bed. This also keep the visual bulk to one side of the space, so the bedroom doesnโ€™t feel overwhelmed with bulky storage.

(photo credits: Carpenters)

4.Fill the space under a window

Donโ€™t waste that space under the window. The designer crafted a wall-mounted cabinet in this small bedroom, with one end functioning as a bay window and the other serving as a vanity table.

(photo credits: Carpenters)

5.Concealed Storage

Concealed storage is one of the best solutions for small bedrooms, since it doesnโ€™t take up visual space. It lends for a clean, seamless look, minimising clutter and mess.

(photo credits: Carpenters)

A comfortable and great master bedroom interior design or others bedroom doesnโ€™t mean you need to spend a fortune. If you donโ€™t want to DIY yourself, then you can find a bedroom interior designer to have full bedroom interior design for you.

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