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Setting Up Your Home Office

Months ago when we just started working from home as a result of Circuit Breaker, we expected it to be a short-term arrangement. For some, it is indeed a temporary measure. But as we enter Phase 1 post circuit breaker, many of us are coming to terms with the fact that life will no longer be exactly the same. Work culture is changing and corporates are starting to recognize the feasibility of remote working. That said, we suppose it wouldnโ€™t hurt to freshen things up a little at home and create a home office.

Having a proper working zone at home is important, as it helps you ease into your tasks as well as improve focus and productivity. The best part? Itโ€™s not as daunting as you may believe to set up this space. Here are some simple tips to get you started!


It may sound like a no-brainer that great furniture is the foundation for a great space, but furniture tends to blend so well into the environment that we overlook its importance. While working at home, you spend as much time sitting in a chair as you would in your office. Thus, itโ€™s ideal to invest in a decent chair, particularly the ergonomically-designed type to help you maintain good posture. And if thereโ€™s one thing CB has taught us, itโ€™s that online-shopping is an absolute lifesaver. If you donโ€™t have one already, you can always browse online to find a comfortable chair that suits your budget.

While some people swear by the Marie Kondo regime, others believe that a messy desk is the sign of a genius (thanks Einstein for coming up with a fine excuse not to clean up). Either way, pick a desk that fits your preference in terms of size and function. Take into account the room available in your home: if room is aplenty, feel free to opt for a majestic desk that makes you feel like a CEO. Otherwise, you may consider a desk with built-in storage solutions so that it doubles as a storage hub.

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Proper lighting goes hand-in-hand with good seating to help you work longer and more safely. Pick a spot that receives a sufficient amount of natural light during the day to set up your workspace, such as by the window. This is a triple kill as it helps save electricity, gives good lighting, and allows you to rest your eyes from time to time by looking out the window. If such an arrangement is not possible or if youโ€™re a night owl, a basic overhead and task light combo is all you need. Remember to choose an LED light bulb: it is more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and, most importantly, you get more bang for your bucks. ๐Ÿค‘


Now that you have the essential pieces and fixtures settled, youโ€™ve basically gotten through the most challenging part. Next, introduce your tools to their new home! Plug in your laptop, printers, and other necessary devices. Keep your stationery nearby, put out a coaster for your daily fix of steaming coffee, whatever floats your boat. You may also purchase a magnetic dry-erase whiteboard. It is inexpensive and a little old fashioned, yet it can come in handy when you need to have a plain view of your to-do lists, keep track of schedules, or pin up some notes that may otherwise become lost in two days, especially if youโ€™re in the Einstein clan.


You might think itโ€™s unnecessary to decorate your home office, but an aesthetically pleasing space is positively correlated with productivity and happiness (weโ€™re not telling you The Sims taught us that). It is important to look away from your screen every once in a while to prevent eye strain, and itโ€™s even better that you have something appealing to focus on when you do. Be it a pot plant, a painting, or one too many cat photos, just place them in your line of sight around your office. Do keep in mind that pot plants require care and specific lighting conditions, so only purchase them when you have the means to commit to their needs.

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Ultimately, a home office setup is hardly one-size-fits-all, as different occupations would have different demands. We hope that these tips could serve as a fundamental guide for you while you tweak your workspace as you see fit. Have fun!

Setting up a home office requires careful planning and consideration. By choosing the right space, furniture, and equipment, you can create a productive and comfortable workspace that meets your needs. Additionally, adding personal touches such as decor and accessories can help to make your home office feel more inviting and inspiring. Whether you are working remotely or running your own business, a well-designed home office can boost your productivity and enhance your overall work experience. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your home office, consider consulting an interior design Singapore professional who can help you create a stylish and functional workspace that reflects your personality and work style. With the right design and setup, you can enjoy a comfortable and productive work environment from the comfort of your own home.

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