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Recommended Interior Designer Singapore (Demo)



In Singapore, getting a family home is more than just getting a house with a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Housing in Singapore is an engaging activity because style is actually a vital part of the home, i.e., the house you live in is a reflection of who you are as an individual. When HDB flats became popular, so many people got almost the same kind of living space, and everybody wanted to be different.


This need to express the individuality became the breeding ground for a new industry in the market; hence, the demand for creative, efficient and reliable interior designers escalated.


Interior Designers Wear Different Hats


There is no one recommended interior designer Singapore, because every person and family has different tastes and goals. Likewise, interior designers are varied and specialize in a wide variety of work. Some specialize in carpentry and manufacturing, while others are more versed in making your living space pop with life. Know what you want to achieve beforehand so you can choose an interior designer who can deliver within your expectations.


For instance, if you are planning to build a small apartment from scratch, make sure to hire someone who can explain to you the concepts of good interior design, who knows how to balance practicality with aesthetics. You will probably be working more on functionality since there isn’t much to experiment with in terms of design, but a recommended interior designer Singapore knows what pieces of furniture to go with your budget and their optimal position on the house to combine all the elements into a piece, which reflects your personality.


On the other hand, if you already have a working setup, but are not quite happy with it, then you are more likely to benefit from a recommended interior designer Singapore who specializes particularly in home renovation. Know what pieces you want to keep and talk with your interior designer on how you can achieve the new look you want without throwing away everything else. It is all about compromise when it comes to home renovation, but a good designer will make use of everything you give him/her and transform your home and give it a breath of fresh style.


The Role of Interior Designers in Home Renovation


Interior designers are definitely an important aspect of home remodeling, but they don’t dictate the whole design process. You don’t want to get a final product, which is entirely different from what you had in mind just because your interior designer decided to change something without your knowledge. That’s why constant dialogue between the homeowner and interior designer is first and foremost in a successful home renovation project. A recommended interior designer Singapore stands out from the competition if he/she has good communication skills and maintains customer relations.


While some may think that hiring a professional to renovate your home is unnecessary, it may not hold true in modern times. Nowadays, hiring a recommended interior designer Singapore is almost a fundamental step in getting a home in Singapore, with families usually paying at least S$25,000 for home design alone. With good reason, more and more people are realizing the importance of having a space where you can spend time doing the things you love and be yourself.


Of course, hiring an interior designer may not always be the best option. If, for example, you just feel bored of your current setup and would like to do some minor revamping, you can opt for the inexpensive choice of buying simple accessories from the mall and redecorating your space by yourself.


However, a recommended interior designer Singapore is more adept in the concepts of good and bad interior design, and if you hire one to guide you, you will be surprised to see a significantly better looking home for a value price.


Along the way you may decide that you can do some tweaks and modifications yourself. If you feel like you already learned the basic concepts from your interior designer, then don’t be afraid to experiment! Being creative with yourself and coming up with something more beautiful than expected is one of the reasons why home renovation is such a popular activity.


Just remember that safety still comes first, and if you are not sure about something, then do not hesitate to contact your interior designer for help.





Quality, Not Just Beauty


Perhaps just as important as the design aspect is the workmanship of an interior designer. With about 1,600 interior design firms in Singapore, one cannot be sure that all of them will deliver reliable craftsmanship that will last through the years. There are many options nowadays if you want to hire a professional to do a makeover of your home. That’s why in searching for the perfect interior designer for you, you also have to consider the quality and reliability of the service.


One way to do this is by inquiring about the previous projects of your prospective designers and how they turned out, as these will give you an insight on the quality of their work. An interior designer may steal your attention with his/her portfolio, but may have a bad reputation among his/her previous clients. You should always be careful who you trust with your home. It is your home after all.


If you’re not sure where to start looking, you can check our list of recommended interior designer Singapore with home design professionals who have a wide range of expertise to fit your home renovation needs.


Finally, most homeowners get so excited in their home renovation, that when it’s all finished, they completely forget about the regular maintenance checks to keep the interiors and pieces of furniture in top condition. Usually most people only ever check their home when they experience something is broken and not working. This is bad practice, and homeowners should begin talking about maintenance issues with the interior designer as early as the planning process. This way, homeowners can make more informed decisions as to the extra features they want installed that may require more maintenance. As said before, it is all about compromise.


In the end, the interior designer is there just to guide you in achieving a design, which speaks true to your style. It is still up to you, the homeowner, what persona your home will radiate. However, once you find an interior designer who outmatches the competition and delivers beyond your expectations, you will see your dream home turn into reality.