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Osram Singapore: An Elemental Feature in Design (Demo)


Osram Singapore features a vast array of lighting options that can turn any household into a spectacular work of art. Lighting has the ability to transform any dreary space and give it a dramatic flair. The ambiance in any living space can easily be altered just by the type of lighting fixture used. The placement and type of lighting used are crucial elements in interior design since they work hand-in-hand with the color scheme, size of the room, natural lighting and furniture. All of these elements must be cohesive to set the right mood but the lighting is the key factor that ties all of these elements together.


6 Tips on selecting the right lighting fixture from Osram Singapore


1.Plan strategically before selecting your lights


Installing a bunch of lighting fixtures in a single room can seem like a good idea because it is easy to assume that the more fixtures, the better the lighting. Unfortunately this is not the case. Take for instance recessed downlights, there is no need to lay these out in a grid because it actually produces the opposite effect. Some fixtures produce less lumen output in comparison to other lights so it is essential to select the right type of fixture to produce desired results.


To avoid this dilemma, it is advisable to throughly anaylze the space where the fixtures will be installed and pre-determine where the fixtures will be placed and how the lighting should look in the end. Placing the same Osram Singapore lighting fixtures  to increase the amount of light in the room may work but to get the best results, a certain amount of planning should be done prior to selecting your lighting.


2.Dim lights add flair but never forget task lights


How many times have we admired dim and dramatic lighting in a room only to find ourselves struggling in a semi-dark room when we try to do tasks? This is one common mistake that happens when practicality is overlooked because of ambiance. The upside is that Osram Singapore offers multiple types of lighting for all our household needs. Certain lighting fixtures offer higher lumen output when there is a need to do menial tasks. These are the types of considerations that must be noted in the planning stage for lighting fixtures.


In addition to this, the color temperature of your lighting also plays a factor in a room. Dim lights normally have a higher temperature which is in contrast to cooler and brighter tones. Having a better understanding of color temperature will also aid in selecting the ideal fixture from Osram Singapore.


3.Considerations on bathroom lighting


The bathroom is one of the places in a house where we can play around with the lighting. Unfortunately, this can also cause some minor problems. If the wrong type of lighitng is selected, this can cause unflattering shadows and imaging. Even if the overall look of the bathroom is simple and clean, the right kind of lighting can transform it into a chic and high end room. Aside from this, selection of the appropriate form of lighting fixture is essential because a lot of time is spent in the bathroom doing day-to-day activities. Take for instance the use of  a downlight to accent an intricate sink which unfortunately obstructs the user from bending over the sink to shave or put on make up.


These small activities can make or break the functionality of the entire structure. For these situations, consider the use of Osram Singapore sconces instead of downlights. It saves space, creates a functional area for tasks without sacrificing the overall aesthetic component.


4.The power of dimmable lights


Osram Singapore offers a comprehensive assortment of dimmable lights which are more efficient, resource friendly and practical. Aside from having the ability to change the mood of a room with just a touch of switch, dimmable lights are also eco-friendly because they consume less energy and produce less heat. Not only are these lights helping the environment, they also cost less.


5.Setting multiple controls for different types of lighting


Another reason why it is essential to identify the types lighting to use in the planning stage is because it is important to have separate controls for different types of lighting. The easiest way to go about this is to have separate switches for each type of lighting fixture but there are newer ways to achieve this such as the use of a digital control box. But in cases where cost may become an issue, going with a conventional switch may be the most practical option.


In any case, having separate control over various forms of lighting in a household is not only practical but also economical. It helps to make lighting more efficient and flexible depending on the user’s needs. If in case there is no need to have all the lights turned on, the user can easily turn off the unnecessary lighting and save costs on energy. For digitally controlled lights, there is also an option to program the lights to turn on or off depending on the need.


6.Never forget proportion and measurements


Having the right kind of lighting also requires a certain amount of mathematical brainwork. For example, one should never place downlights in a high vaulted ceiling because this will simply result in wasted resources. There is not enough light output to cover the entire area. For high ceilings, lighting fixtures should be concentrated with tight beams in order to have a wider light coverage. Osram Singapore provides numerous options in terms of wide light coverage for these particular instances.  Examples of these lighting fixtures are ceramic metal halide or halogen based light source.


Lighting is an important tool that can help create a better interior design. It should never be an oversight. Lighting should be incorporated into a design in such a way that it creates a cohesiveness in the living space. Osram Singapore lighting fixtures can provide the elegance, sophistication or simplicity that your living space needs.