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Organization Tips to Streamline Your Morning Routine

A tried-and-true fact: it’s much easier to stay up late than to wake up early. Every morning, we fight relentless battles against our alarm clocks with endless snoozing. A few extra minutes of sleep are just so precious, which is why it’s important to streamline our morning routines to save time.

In this article, we’ve gathered a few tips on how you could do that.


Morning routines differ for everyone, but a good portion of people start their day off with a glass of water and some health supplements or pills. Have them at the ready somewhere convenient, like the nightstand, before going to bed.

Apart from that, outfit-prepping has been a widely recommended method to expedite morning routines. You could hang planned outfits on wall-mounted racks the night before, or simply organize your wardrobe by coordinated sets, which allows you to prepare up to weeks in advance.

In the same vein, load your bag or briefcase early to prevent leaving anything behind the next day.


Ever since minimalism – or the so-called Muji style – took interior design by storm, it basically became a crime to leave clutter unconcealed. What used to be on proud display on vanities are now hidden within bathroom cabinets.

Admittedly, some products are reserved for special occasions and thus not used frequently. It makes sense to store them in cabinets until they are needed. However, there are products that are used on the daily. It’s perhaps more practical to have them easily accessible. Having the two categories of product separated make for an uninterrupted and efficient bathroom routine.

If there is limited space around the sink for the products to be placed comfortably, consider wall-mounted shelving units. These come with suction cups to save you the hassle of drilling the wall. They make reaching for the products, especiallyย when you’re in a hurry, much more intuitive.


Everybody has their own set of essentials they can’t leave home without. It’s advisable to habitually put them at a visible location, preferably somewhere you pass by on your way out.ย Foyer is therefore prime estate for this function.

Invest in a shoe rack that can provide a designated spot for said essentials. This prevents frantic morning hunts for some elusive keys you couldn’t remember where you last saw.ย In addition, the shoe rack enables systematic storage of shoes – you can even go the extra mile by keeping matching socks in respective compartments. You can also install a full-length mirror at the foyer to do last-minute checks on your appearance.

Jun Jie

Senior Design Consultant at Carpenters. With a certificate in interior design from NAFA and over 7 years of experience, Jun Jie has an eye for detail and a passion for creating spaces that combine form and function.