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5 Best Lesser-Known Online Grocery Shops in Singapore


No time to hit up the supermarkets? No worries! If there is one industry that bloomed during the pandemic, it’d be grocery delivery. Beyond familiar names like Fairprice, Giant, Cold Storage and Sheng Siong, there are plenty of online grocery shops in Singapore whose names only those in the know are privy to – and you’re about to become one of them.

1. Ryan’s Grocery

Ryan’s Grocery is a gourmet butcher that puts quality organic and free-range meats front and centre. Their other offerings include a wide selection of wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and preservative-free goods, including superfoods, organic greens and meat, healthy snacks and more. Physical outlets can be found in Binjai Park and Great World City, while delivery is also available.

2. TADA Fresh Market

TADA Fresh Market operates on a neat concept: they act as a virtual central market for local wet markets and partner with a network of Singapore’s taxi and private-hire drivers for the delivery. The benefits of shopping here are multifold: you get to support your local stallholders, shop at competitive wet market prices without the hassle, andΒ support the livelihood of local riders – needless to say, we’re big fans of this very thoughtful business model. Next-day delivery is available Tuesdays to Sundays, 12pm to 6pm.

3. Little Farms

Little Farms has an inventory of which the size contrasts what its name might suggest: you will be spoiled for options here. Shop an endless array of fruits and vegetables, organic produce, gourmet goodies and fresh free-range poultry. Keep an eye out for their Weekend Super Specials to get more bang for your buck!

4. Sasha’s Fine Foods

The story of Sasha’s Fine Foods is one of a woman whom, upon arriving in Singapore from London, found herself skeptical of the quality and origin of her grocery. Sasha’s goods are therefore all free of nasties and sourced from suppliers she can personally trust. You’ll find here an extensive selection of healthy and ethically produced goods available for same-day delivery.

5. Open Taste

If you ever need to bulk buy your grocery – all the more reason to do that online so that you don’t have to haul the gazillion shopping bags by yourself – Open Taste is the place to (virtually) go. They carry an impressive range of produce sourced from farms all over the world. These are sold in bulk to provide you with substantial savings and delivered to your doorstep within 36 hours.

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