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Mash-ups of Interior Design Ideas You Can Steal (Demo)


Who said that mash-ups are just for pop songs? In the field of arts, you can be creative and innovative as you want, especially if it concerns your living spaces. You can blend two or more contrasting themes to come up with a personalized contemporary interior design that you can be proud of.

In Singapore, several first-time homeowners are clueless as to how to put their interior design ideas altogether. The considerably limited spaces in their housing scheme are not also favorable in their desire to mix and match interior themes. Thankfully, many interior designers specialize in remodeling homes with limited space. These professionals also bring about mash-ups of design ideas you can try. Some of these ideas are as follows:

Scandinavian meets Victorian

Both of these themes of interior design ideas originated from Europe. However, their similarity stops there.

Scandinavian interior is characterized by simplicity, durability, functionality and visibility. It is currently a trend in interior design in Singapore but Scandinavian interior already earned popularity in Europe as early as 1930s. A Scandinavian interior is often comprised of skinny chairs and tables, freestanding lamps and extensive pendant lights, single color for wall coating, simple floor tiles and metallic accents. White and gray are also the favored colors in this theme.

Victorian interior is an entirely different story. Unlike Scandinavian, Victorian interior is known to be grand-looking. Plain walls are regarded as unfinished. It must be covered by a mural or wallpaper that features intricate designs. When it comes to furniture, you can expect upholstered and bulky sofas and chaise lounges. Four-poster beds also form part of a Victorian bedroom interior. Chandeliers and sconces are the lighting equipment mostly used for this theme. Other features of Victorian interior include portraits, columns, extensive bookshelves, heavy draperies, carpeted flooring and freestanding ornaments made from stone.

Blending Scandinavian and Victorian interior design ideas is challenging but it is feasible. To do this, it is best to start with the floors. Give some life to plain Scandinavian flooring by adding a small carpet or mat with intricate design. For your dining area, go for skinny chairs with upholstered lumbar support. The simple yet sleek Scandinavian walls will glow better when sconces as well as portraits are added. You can also put a small-scale chandelier in your living room and let it serve as the centerpiece. Some modern chandeliers and sconces have metallic finishes, which make them perfect for both modern Victorian and Scandinavian interiors.

Eclectic meets Minimalist

Eclectic and minimalist themes are interior design ideas that have more differences than similarities. Eclectic interiors have that chaotic yet classy look while minimalist design promotes tranquility.

If there is one word that best describes eclectic interior, that word will be random. There is no definite color scheme in this type of interior. Various colors, textures, and styles are mixed altogether. A living room with an eclectic interior can feature so many things even if some of the items don’t really belong to that room. Display cabinets and open shelves may contain a mixture of books, framed pictures, collections and other miniature decorations. Different materials such as wood, metal, leather and stone are also used.

Among the numerous interior design ideas out there, minimalism is probably the only one that works more of a lifestyle than a trend in interior design. As the name suggests, it focuses in living with less. It is a suitable theme for standard Singaporean housing unit because it promotes the idea of having fewer decorations at home and emphasizes the idea that you don’t have to fill every single available space in your home. A minimalist interior focuses on the use of geometry and symmetry in spatial design as well as on furniture and fixture selection. You can also find minimalist homes with Venetian blinds in replacement of elaborate and heavy looking draperies.

If eclectic is chaotic and minimalist is tranquil, how are they supposed to complement each other? Just like in Scandinavian and Victorian interiors, pick an area in one theme that you can balance with interior design ideas from the other theme. You can display different decors in one surface but make sure that there are no similar items on the surface. Set up a freestanding bookcase in the corner of any room but preferably near the window. Place a random chair and cushions nearby so you can read comfortably. Display cabinets that include mixture of items may be hidden behind a door and make it look just like a wooden wall panel.

Vintage meets Pop

Vintage interior design ideas were born in the 1940s. These are often described as glamorous. Vintage interiors are well-known for utilizing two or three soft colors. Vintage bathroom fixtures are also popular. These fixtures include claw-foot bathtubs which are examples of freestanding tubs. These tubs are the best option for Singaporean homes because they don’t occupy much space as compared to other types of tubs. The faucets and pipes are also noteworthy vintage fixtures because they have metallic finish. Metallic finish is common in vintage furniture as well. Instead of a wooden and bulky framework, vintage beds are supported by metallic frames. Vintage interiors have a soft spot for glassware, too.

Pop interior, on the other hand, makes use of various bright colors. If vintage demonstrates elegance, pop exhibits fun. Aside from that, pop interior delights in playful patterns and shapes. Artworks also help in showcasing a homeowner’s personality.

Start your vintage-pop interior mash-up with the furniture and fixtures. Cushions of different colors and shapes may be used to accentuate a bed or bench with metallic framework. Instead of colorless jars, why don’t you try tinted jars and bottles and have them displayed in an open shelf? You can also make your bathroom fun and elegant with a claw-foot tub standing next to a bathroom wall where colored mosaic tiles are carefully placed to form symbols or patterns. Hanging a soft-colored curtain in between two brightly colored curtains perfectly sum up vintage and pop interiors as well.