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Living Room Interior Designer in Singapore


Living room, as the main place where we welcome guests, incorporates both value and functionality. If you want a comfortable and good-looking living room, the layout and functional planning is important.

Besides, for your living room renovation, you also need to consider about the colors for living room, how to design the lighting and the style such as modern or luxury living room.

Planning a living room requires thinking through.

  1. How many people live in the home on a permanent basis?
  2. What do you and your family usually do in the living room?
  3. If there is no living room, will it affect you and your family’s life?

In this way you can clarify your own needs for the living room, know which living room you need.

Here are some living room interiors ideas, before start your HDB living room renovation, you can read the options offered to you at below article. After reading the article, you should have some condo or HDB living room ideas in your mind.

Coffee table + TV + sofa

This combination is the most fundamental match for the living room.

Living room without coffee table

Coffeetable-free living room is particularly popular in recent years in the form of small living room families, especially suited to families with children or insufficient living room space.

Living room without TV

TVs are no longer the first choice of modern generations, either because they really don’t need to watch TV, or because there are projection options for a better viewing experience.

Living room without Sofa

As for many small homes, living room area is limited, a large sofa placed at home taking up space, but also the space looks smaller, this situation can be considered to be sofa or not. Cassette can carry more people than the traditional sofa, and the space below can also be used for storage.


Besides furnishing, living room lighting also important in create cozy environment for your space. If you find it difficult to design living room lighting in Singapore, you can contact us by filled in DESIGN REQUEST FORM here and our designers will help you to solve the problem.


Living room is the main family activities space, but also the place to bond family sentiment, whether it is a traditional living room, or multi-functional living room, as long as you integrate your actual needs.

When it comes to Singapore HDB living room design or you want to have interior design for condo living room, you should be thinking about living room interior ideas on what you want.

To contact with living room interior designer in Singapore, you can search “living room designers near me”,  “living room interior designers near me” and “family room designer”. Then you can review the portfolio from these interior design firm and pick one design company you like the most.

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