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Lighting up Your Home: Great Lights to Make a Great Design (Demo)

Designing your home is a great way of expressing your personality. Your home is your personal space. Not only that you want it to be a comfortable place to live in, you also want it to look beautiful. Both these traits can be achieved through great interior designing. Great wallpapers, paint colors, furniture, carpets and other things can make a home go from dull and boring to chic and fascinating. Interior design is important for homes in Singapore which is one of the prettiest countries in the world. However, all of these things will not meet their full potential without great lighting.


Finding the right lighting supplier in Singapore is the most important aspect of interior designing. You need to find someone who provides great quality lights without ripping you off. In addition to that, they should have a variety of lighting fixtures for different uses. This is important because in interior designing aesthetics is the most essential aspect. The light fixtures must match the overall design or theme of the room.


A great lighting supplier in Singapore should have a variety of light fixtures. These should also cover a lot of specific rooms like study rooms, bed rooms, kitchen and bathroom. Each room demands a different type of lighting. Some needs a mellower light scheme while others need more aggressive lighting for work purposes. This is particularly true for bedrooms and study rooms. To help you in choosing the proper lights for each room, here is a more specific take on different light fixtures.


  • LED Cove Lights – A lighting supplier in Singapore that keep up with the trends probably has this in stock because interior designers love using these light fixtures. LED cove lights are great choice for those people who love minimalistic designs. They are usually embedded into a gap in the ceilings and walls. This is a great accent for a minimalistic room.


  • Hanging Lights – These types of lighting fixtures are great for living rooms and kitchens. These are the classic choice for a chandelier substitute. A good light supplier in Singapore has various designs in store to choose from to add flexibility in design paths. Across the years, fads for hanging lights come and go but almost every style is a timeless choice. This will definitely elevate your home’s appearance.


  • Track Lights – Track lights can also be a good all-around choice when it comes to home designs. This is a more function oriented choice though. They can be used to keep sightlines clear because of its flexibility when it comes to directing its light. You can use this on your living room, study room, game rooms and even bathrooms. It is also aesthetically appealing since you can put it higher than its other counterparts. A lighting supplier in Singapore without this is falling behind its competition for sure.


  • LED Strips – LED strips are becoming very popular in Singapore, and a lighting supplier in Singapore offers a wide array of these things. They are very good for interior designing because of the many ways you can bend and fold them. It is ideal for decorating furniture like beds so that it can add a personal touch to them. LED strips are also available on a variety of colors which adds to its flexibility for interior designs.


  • LED Downlights – LED downlights are also gaining popularity nowadays. These kind of light fixtures are super design friendly because of their form. A lighting supplier in Singapore will usually have square and round LED downlights in stock. The usual colors that are available are warm white and natural daylight. These downlights add to the beauty of the room it is in. It is also very energy efficient allowing you to save money from your electric bill.


  • LED Spotlights – A reputable lighting supplier in Singapore will always suggest LED spotlights instead of the regular spotlights because of its energy efficiency. These LED spotlights require less electricity to function compared to regular spotlights. These kinds of light fixtures can accentuate bathrooms especially when placed above a mirror and sink. They can also be used in an office or study room if you need a more direct lighting while you are working. It can be a great substitute for track lights if the space is not suitable for it.


Those are the most common of types of light fixtures available in Singapore. Before you buy and install light fixtures at your home here are a few tips.


1. Be sure it is Safe – A great lighting supplier in Singapore only sells safe, reliable and durable light fixtures. They should be prioritizing the safety of their clients and should not be selling products just for money.


2. Do not make it a DIY project – Although it is tempting to make light fixture installation a Do-it-Yourself project. It is highly suggested that you let the experts handle it. Installing lights require properly made wirings and connections. One misstep can result into an electrical fire which will put you and your family in danger.


Great lighting can make or break a lot of things. Photography, art exhibits, parties and even industrial work rely on proper lighting. It is no different when it comes to interior designing. A great design can be emphasized by great, proper lighting. It will bring out the ambiance, personality and beauty of your home.


Singapore is a country that is considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and you can make the most of your time there by keeping your home beautiful. A greatly designed home can show your demeanor and vision in life. Your home should tell people about who you are. Display what you love. Books, movies, music collection or paintings, it doesn’t matter just show people who you are.


Redesigning a home can be a daunting task. Change is sometimes frightening but most of the time essential. Change is important for you to grow and mature. Do not be afraid of change. Embrace it as a better and brighter future for your home.