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Lighting Tips For Your New Home (Demo)

Are you moving into a new home for the first time? You might want to think about how you are going to light up your new home. Especially if you will have friends coming over to your apartment, it is important to have the best lighting fixtures Singapore available so that you can provide the right ambiance for any event you might host in your house, or even for some quiet times alone.


How does lighting make a difference?

Lighting is important in help you perform your tasks easily. It makes you feel more at ease in your home more, and helps you make use of your entire space. Not only does lighting have a functional use, but it also serves an aesthetic purpose. Lighting provides the ambiance for your room, without which your room will have no accent or feel to it. Small rooms become larger with the help of lighting, and dull rooms become entertaining with them as well. Lighting makes a whole lot of difference and can provide you with the same level of decoration as much more expensive options out there.


Before you make a purchase, make sure first that you know the lighting that you want for each of your rooms. Before buying, make sure that you have a home lighting plan that carefully outlines what you and your family will be needing. Think about what would usually happen in each of the rooms in your house, and determine the specific parts of each room you would like to emphasize.


To determine the best lighting fixtures Singapore for you, you first need to know what choices you have. There are actually just three types of lighting:

  • General lighting. This type of lighting provides overall illumination for your space. This is also known as ambient lighting, and it provides a very comfortable brightness level to your home that allows you to walk about your space safely without hitting anything accidentally. This usually includes fixtures mounted on the wall, track lights, chandeliers, and lanterns on the outside of your home. This is probably the most important lighting fixture you can own since it basically substitutes for sunlight as the light source inside your space.


  • Accent lighting is used purely for visual effects. They do not have any higher purpose than to provide an accent or a feel to your space. They are a part of the decorating scheme, and are mostly used to emphasize on houseplants, paintings, sculptures, and other possessions you may have in your home, as well as on the wall texture, outdoor landscaping, and drapery. Accent lighting is usually provided by recessed, track, and wall mounted fixtures.

Task lighting is used to help you perform very specific tasks, including homework, reading, cooking, sewing, playing games, or writing. These can be provided by portable lamps, pendant lighting, or track lighting. Task lighting fixtures must be free from any glare and should be bright enough to avoid eyestrain.


If you are wondering about what lighting fixtures Singapore to buy and use for each part of your home, carefully go through each of these tips to help guide you into determining which lighting fixtures Singapore you should purchase.


  • How to light the living or family room. The family rooms and living rooms are the ones which benefit from lighting the most, mainly because they are the center of all homes and are the ones which receive the guests. If there is a television in the living area, soft lighting would provide a more pleasurable viewing experience. Avoid glare from reflective surfaces when positioning lighting fixture, and it also does not hurt to add some task lighting for these rooms.


  • Does a chandelier complete a dining room? Not necessarily. Most people think that the best lighting fixtures Singapore for the dining room would be a chandelier, but in fact there are other lighting fixtures which will help do the same job. Buffet lamps and wall scones are just some other types of lighting fixtures which will do a fine job in lighting your dining room. Floor lamps also add more dimension to your dining area and more depth to your living areas.



  • How should you light the kitchen and bathroom areas? These rooms will require both task and ambient lighting fixtures. There are tons of these lighting fixtures Singapore you can find on the market, and the best place to put them would be either on an island or on the sink.


  • How to light the master bedroom? The master bedroom serves a lot of purpose, and so it will require all degrees of lighting from soft to full bright. The lighting which you will put in your bedroom must have enough options to help you do many of the things usually done in the bedroom aside from resting, which includes reading, dressing, and applying makeup.


  • Lighting a home office. These areas have functional purpose, but it is not necessary for them to look cold or utilitarian. Simply put, they do not need to look like an office. Being that it will serve as a workspace it will need task lighting. You need to be careful in your placement of these lighting fixtures because it can be very easy to have glare, especially if you are using computers. Your light sources should be on the sides of the room and not either behind or in front of the main workstation. Two sources would be better in order to prevent eyestrain.

Remember all of these great tips when you choose a lighting fixtures Singapore for your new home. When buying, do not just settle for something which will do the job just right. Choose the one which will emphasize how great your space is and will make sure that the people that visit your home will appreciate the beauty of your living spaces. Not only that, choose a lighting fixture which will actually help aid you in doing particular tasks in your home, especially in areas such as your kitchen and bathroom.