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Let LED Light The Way: Philips LED Singapore

It may soon be lights out for traditional lighting as Philips LED (Light Emitting Diode) Singapore technology is pointing to a better, safer and much cheaper future. Philips LED Singapore lighting is fast gaining a new and more informed breed of users and believers. The technology is now well embraced not just for homes but also for corporate or business centers and recreational outdoor areas such as parks and waterways as well. Exterior installations and monumental landmarks have benefitted immensely not just from its range of benefits (and wide array of colors) but from its aesthetic viability as well.


The rapidly growing appeal of Philips LED Singapore is understandable given the many advantages the technology offers. Philips LED Singapore is environment friendly compared to its incandescent and fluorescent counterparts. It consumes about eighty to as much as ninety per cent less energy and has a decisively longer life span. It is also tougher in that they’re likely to be less influenced by thermal effects. It doesn’t produce heat in the form of infrared radiation like what incandescent bulbs produce. You can keep it on as long as you want and you need not worry about your light getting too hot for comfort. This also makes Philips LED Singapore safe and secure.


Speaking of safe and secure, Philips LED Singapore is less prone to damage due to external shocks, thanks to the solid components. The incandescent and fluorescent varieties easily break if they’re exposed to the same kind of external torture.


If you’re using color LEDs, the intended hue is emitted without the need for color filters that traditional lighting requires. This likewise results to energy efficiency.


Less energy consumption and longer life make it easy to shed light why it’s budget friendly as well. It easily cuts down your monthly power consumption and its long life (average life span is 10 years and can stretch to even 20 depending on use) makes you less likely to be replacing it every now and then. The maximum life span of a Philips LED Singapore light is estimated to be the equivalent of 25 incandescent bulbs. With that kind of ratio, imagine how much that translates in terms of savings.


Philips LED Singapore easily emits warm white light that provides for a cozy and comfortable ambience. Illumination is instant as it does not require any warm-up period. Dark indoor spots such as closets, garage interior, naturally concealed areas such as those beneath kitchen cabinets and any other special corner of your house can benefit from concentrated lighting due to Philips LED Singapore’s unidirectional illumination. Ditto for kitchen countertops and the special corners of your home that serve as your workstations. Because it doesn’t emit light in all directions, it can keep light focused where you want it to glow. Despite the singularity of its direction, this doesn’t make the room or spot less luminous. The primary benefit of using Philips LED Singapore is that it provides adequate lighting. Sure the mood is there, but the lighting is also sufficient. Even bathrooms can have that desired effect and need not bathe in excessive light that traditional bulbs provide. It’s also because of its effective management of light distribution that makes it energy efficient.


Given this feature, Philips LED Singapore can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of any spot it shines on, highlighting the desirables while downplaying the other components of the space which should require less prominence. Its high color rendering value retains the integrity and naturalness of your space’s colors.  And this kind of illumination can also be relied on for consistency as its light output is stable all throughout its life span. This means that your space gets to enjoy quality lighting and bask in its natural colors for years and years.


Another way Philips LED Singapore can enhance mood or functionality is its dimmable feature. There’s a wide selection of LED lighting to choose from that allows you to make the necessary adjustments in light intensity. You can make your space as ambient or as task-related as you want it to be. Even at low lighting levels, Philips LED Singapore is consistently stable and pure. Philips global dominance in LED lighting assures you that you get that seal of high quality with each Philips LED Singapore light you purchase.


Innovation in usage is as much a product of Philips LED Singapore’s innovative technology. Given its more compact size compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, Philips LED Singapore allows for plenty of creative uses with regard to its installation. It can be incorporated in slimmer light boxes which can be used as wall washers to make a spot more visually appealing. Glass works, metal crafts and framed artworks are made much more prominent with Philips LED Singapore. Even a simple framed family photo glimmers with light textures that only a unidirectional LED light can provide.


As a certifiably green product, Philips LED Singapore not only benefits the environment but even your health. Because of the precise wavelengths by which LED technology emits lights and how this can be adjusted accordingly, Philips LED Singapore can actually imitate or approximate sunlight as a way of extending its presence in your homes. This simulation of natural light allows your body clock or circadian rhythm to stay in sync and prevents it from malfunctioning. According to some studies, this usually happens when our bodies don’t benefit from a regular stream of strong light similar to daylight. The warm bask of light at night also helps in the production of melatonin, the hormone essential to getting proper sleep.


Mood is not just about how the quality of light appeals to one’s emotions. It also has a lot to do with keeping our mental state healthy. Philips LED Singapore’s controlled light emission and dimness adjustability can help keep away depression, suppress anxiety, and improve quality of sleep.


With LED lighting’s economy, efficiency and variety, more people are beginning to see the light and quickly making the shift. Pretty soon, Philips LED Singapore may completely phase out the traditional bulbs and set itself as the standard in lighting your homes.