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Learning about Singapore Interior Design and the Benefits of Hiring an Interior Design Company (Demo)



You can learn more about Singapore interior design by checking out the classes of homes in Singapore first, including HDBs, terrace houses, condominiums, etc. Most Singaporeans live in condominiums or HDB apartments that are often identical, limited in space and self-contained within a block.


Condominiums and HDBs


When you look at these houses from the outside, there is only a little creativity because for the purposes of functionality, condominiums and HDBs are built upwards to save space. They may also look uninteresting and plain. Only a few wealthy people can afford to live in bungalow houses, where they can decide how their homes will look from the outside.


This is the reason why the only way some people can be creative and express their ideas is to incorporate Singapore interior design within their homes. This involves making everything within the sheltered area or house to be useful for activities and human interaction and to be visually appealing as well. Anything can be a part of it including the design arrangement of tables, chairs, beds and other stuff, wallpaper design, and positioning of different pieces of furniture within a certain room.


As long as you are willing to invest money, effort and time, you can plan the design of a house and make it a reality. Some people choose to arrange their home on their own with little concern on making in visually appealing as long as the rooms are suitable for activities and human interaction. Others want to have an eye-catching view and at the same time, experience maximum efficiency within the rooms.


Singapore interior design may involve some people designing their place by themselves, while others do not want the trouble of planning and opt to work with an interior design company, instead.


Hiring an Interior Design Company


Many Singapore homeowners have something in mind when it comes to the design of their dream house and want to live in it one day. Imagine going home to a cozy and stunningly designed place to bond with your loved ones or simply relax – the thought is just lovely.


To make your Singapore interior design dream come true, you need to have an idea of your desired home first. The next step is to plan the arrangement of the furniture and fittings, the materials you will use, etc. After the design stage, you need to engage the interior designer to accomplish the work and make sure that everything is done based on your requirements. If you are knowledgeable enough and prefer to do your own design, you can carry this out as a special project. However, if you find the whole process time-consuming, you can call out an expert in Singapore interior design.


A lot of interior design companies offer a one-stop service, which caters to the busy schedules of professionals. It has a combination of consultancy, conceptualization, project management, selection of materials and colors, planning of carpentry works, plumbing works, tiling works and all through the final details, such as decoration pieces, artworks and quality finishes.


The designer will talk to you about the theme of your dream home and will design based on your specifications, budget, available space and schedule. The designer will then devise a concept design, together with furniture and fittings. After approving the sketches, the designer will work with contractors to accomplish the construction works, plumbing works, electrical works, paint jobs, etc.


Benefits of an Interior Designer


  1. Single Point of Contact – From start to finish, the designer is not only responsible for the Singapore interior design of your home, but also act as a coordinator of the whole project. This will save you an incredible amount of time looking for and hiring contractors, supervising the workers and checking the quality of works. The designer is the best person to communicate with the contractors and ensure that they follow all specifications. If it is necessary to redo some works, the designer is on-site to resolve them quickly. After completing the project, after-sales service is guaranteed.


  1. Experience – The designer has knowledge and experience to inform you if your specifications are practical and can also suggest more innovative and better options or solutions about Singapore interior design. They can also help you find your preferred lightings, furniture, artworks and decorations that match your design theme. This also lowers the overall project cost because economies of scale will be achieved with the chosen vendors and contractors.


  1. Maximizing the Use of Space – Space limitations are often a concern with small apartments and odd-shaped floor plans. This requires clever designs to maximize the available space. This may involve multifunctional fittings that can also double as storage cabinets and customized furniture to fit into the available small spaces, which can be accomplished by the interior design company. When it comes to Singapore interior design, they have superb craftsmanship that can also endure the rigor of everyday life.


Designing your home begins with a vision, a plan and a goal on how you want it to turn up in the end. The floor plan, design theme, furniture that will be placed and its position in the room, color, and lighting need careful planning. Moreover, the rooms should go well with each other so that there is no glaring contrast when going through rooms and the atmosphere just flows smoothly. A good interior design should have some hints of stylish inspiration and artistic touch.


Taste may differ from one person to another, so what may be attractive and artistic to one may not be to another. As a homeowner, it will be all up to your preference and how you want your home to be. However, you must also consider the purpose of every room and not just how it looks. Always remember that a well-designed home should have both beauty and functionality. Certainly, an interior design company, which specializes in Singapore interior design can help you with how your home must look like and choose a functional and attractive look.