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Landed Property

Working on the interior design of an apartment is already hard enough, to handle an entire landed property interior design in Singapore all on your own? That’s a whole new different level.

Just like a typical apartment, there is a need to consider various factors when it comes to the design conceptualisation of your new home. And as compared to your usual HDB flat, a bungalow, semi-detached house, townhouse, terraced house or any other landed property will require much more attention because of its massive living space.

Before one even lets their ideas and preferences come to life, it is crucial to consider this intimidating aspect – budget. Planning is often a step that is either overlooked or not fully-concentrated upon, and once this step is not executed properly, it will already be too late because the damage has been done.

The budget has to be worked out before doing anything else. Otherwise it will all be meaningless when you have come up with the perfect design, but have unknowingly exceeded your budget. To have a smooth-sailing journey while handling the landed house interior design, it is best to set aside a fixed budget amount so that you’ll be able to stick to it when planning.

Sometimes it is better for you to delay the project by saving up and planning, than to risk it all by overspending.

A much bigger living space comes with more work to do. Come up with a detailed ‘blueprint’ of your landed property interior design by having your preferred style and available space work hand in hand with one another. Unlike a small apartment, landed house interior design comes with a lot of living space.

It also means that there are lesser limitations and restrictions because of the wide living space. A landed property can come with more floors, a luxurious garden or backyard and even a garage for personal vehicles.

Depending on your preferred style, you can capitalise on the amount of space whether it’s monochrome, retro, minimalistic or traditional. With more room to cover in the living space, everything is multiplied. So take that into consideration when designing each room, because you will realise that you might need to double up on your furniture.

If one is lucky, there won’t be a need to think about the design of your brand new landed property. But it may come off as a disappointment for those who prefer to have a completely fresh designed home. Fret not, there is always an option to revamp your house. Or for those with an untouched property to come up with your very own landed interior design for your home.

At times, guidance and help from interior designers and architects is needed to construct the ideal landed property. Even the most elite interior designers may not always be the most optimal, if they do not listen to your needs.  Always pick an interior designer that you can work well with, that way your ideas and thoughts will get through easily without involving any sort of conflict.

Here is where your dream house comes to life, so go wild with your imagination and have fun with coming up with various landed property interior design ideas while keeping your budget in check.

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