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Kitchen Renovation Ideas For The Modern Family

The function of the kitchen in the home is crucial, and in light of this, there is no surprise in it being such a frequent source of home remodelling jobs. It is the epicentre of activity in a home.

First and foremost, it is a space in which to cook food and prepare meals for the entire family and guests; secondly, it is a major storage area within the home for products of all kinds; thirdly, it is the place where a lot of appliances in the house are kept. A spark of attention, an ounce of creativity and a 5 room resale flat renovation package can change your kitchen into a cosy and trendy abode.


Splash Some Colour

Colour will undoubtedly offer your kitchen a remarkable change. You do not need to repaint from scratch; you can revitalize your walls, which is more economical. You can also repaint your cabinets and give them beautiful decorative finishes that will certainly make your cooking area appear brand new.

Changing the colour of your kitchen walls can provide an entirely new feel and life to it. Bright and lively colours in the kitchen with contrasting cabinets, counters and accessories can lift your spirits the moment you walk in. Take ideas from a professional interior decorator or home remodelling websites to choose what colours will look the best, suit the size and style of your kitchen.


Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets Countertops

One of the best ways to improve your kitchen is by upgrading your kitchen cabinets and countertops. A drab and worn out cupboard can easily take a brand new and contemporary look through a cost-effective and straightforward DIY option. This is your logical alternative if you find it a bit too expensive to replace your old kitchen cabinets with new ones.

You transform an old and dingy cupboard into a contemporary kitchen fixture by changing up your cupboard doors and drawer faces. Another option is repainting the entire kitchen cabinet to give it a fresh and refurbished look. Otherwise, you can top the updating of kitchen cabinets, cupboards and drawers by adding glass inserts, moulding, beading as well as other decorative accessories for that sleek and classy finish.


Add Lighting

Lighting and airiness are of prime importance when you are thinking of doing a kitchen renovation. This is because the right kind of glow and brightness can make even a small and straightforward kitchen look and feel substantial. Always keep the windows open to let light and fresh air in at all times. Add subtle bulbs and lamps to maintain a lively glow at nighttime.

Attention to these small details will go a long way in ensuring that your kitchen décor defines comfort and simplicity.



If your floor is deteriorated and old, replacing it can give the cooking area a remarkable facelift.

You need to keep in mind that the tiles you pick will certainly set the mood for the kitchen area and even change the feel. Getting an interior designer’s opinion will help you in choosing the ideal colour to match the rest of the deco.



Interior design in Singapore is not tough at all. In fact, there are other inexpensive kitchen updates that you can consider.

In deciding which aspects of the kitchen you are going to work on, it is vital that you focus on those things that add value and enhance the overall appeal of your home. Updating your kitchen can be a straightforward and simple task.

However, it is crucial that you set your priorities so that you can utilize your limited resources on aspects of your kitchen that can deliver the greatest impact.