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Kitchen Interior Designer in Singapore


Nowadays, in most small homes, if you want to make your kitchen layout more reasonable, you need to consider the size of the kitchen itself, but also look at your personal habits.

A messy and unplanned kitchen is a big headache, but spend some time to store all kinds of things, so that the countertop is free of clutter, looks more neat and beautiful, but also reduces the possibility of bacteria breeding, people will be in a much better mood into the kitchen, and more enthusiastic about cooking.

Kitchen Type


🔸 Mostly found in small homes or apartments. Applicable people: Single people or small families

🔸 Kitchen structure is simple, small kitchen cabinet, good care, the need for storage space is not large, but the space is relatively short

🍴L-shaped kitchen

🔸 The most space-saving design in kitchen interior design

🔸 Not limited by the layout of the kitchen space, flexible design has the advantage of rational use of the area of the arrangement, the use of corners to live, but not conducive to multi-person operation

🍴U-shaped kitchen

🔸 Basic functions are complete, the operation process is reasonable, can be operated by more than one person, the disadvantage is that if the planning is not reasonable will make the operation more cumbersome and cause a waste of space

Advantage of open kitchen interior design

  1. The open kitchen perfectly solves the constraint of not enough of counter tops.

    Knocking out a wall to make an island or bar can solve the problem of insufficient countertops.

  2. Solve the lack of light.

    Small homes can be depressing if there is no light. Many small kitchens have only a small window, and the lights have to be on for cooking even during the day. Designing an open kitchen will not only make the kitchen brighter but also make the space appear larger.

  3. Increase family interaction.

    Parents can cook while watching their children in the living room to avoid accidents. Sometimes listening to the TV in the living room while cooking, making cooking does not seem that boring.

Design style for Kitchen

Homeowners with kitchen renovation needs can take a look at these styles of kitchen designs, there is always one that will strike your fancy. You can also make an enquiry with Carpenters Interior Design Singapore as we also provide kitchen renovation interior design service in Singapore.

7 Kitchen Design Ideas:

  1. Modern contemporary style
  2. American style
  3. Scandinavian style
  4. French Elegance
  5. Industrial Bold
  6. Minimalist
  7. Luxury
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