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Kitchen Goods We Bought on Lockdown and Where to Store Them

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about new ways of life. Being on lockdown has certainly changed our relationship with this space we call home, as we used to spend most of our waking hours at school or workplaces. With all this free time and nowhere to go, many had decided to brave the challenging yet fulfilling art of cooking and baking. Suddenly, you have all kinds of slow-depleting condiments and dry goods that are going to settle snugly into your precious pantry space. You may also have purchased more kitchen tools. How do you hide the mess before your mom banishes you from her sacred kitchen forever? How to organize them so that you donโ€™t put salt in your coffee one rushed morning when working life resumes? Fret not, here are some simple tools to help you create more storage space in your kitchen.


Pegboards are an amazingly versatile organizing hack. Fit them on the side of your fridge, an open wall, or inside cabinet doors if you wish to conceal the clutter. Add hooks to the pegboard to hang your frying pans, pots, cutting board and more. Pin up your recipes or grocery lists with magnets. Alternatively, install shelf units to display your spices and make them easily accessible. Not only are pegboards highly customisable to fit your needs, they can be repurposed for just about any space if you no longer need them in the kitchen. There are several ways to install pegboards: if you intend for them to be housing heavy items, it is recommended that you drill the pegboards onto a sturdy surface. Otherwise, feel free to go for drill-free methods.

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Your counter space actually has so much untapped potential. Simply google โ€˜countertop shelfโ€™ and youโ€™ll find yourself spoilt with a myriad of vertical storage options. A basic two-tier shelf would provide extra room for your kitchen staples. Apart from that, there are oven racks to free up counter space if you have both microwave and electric ovens. More of the DIY type? Salvage some wooden crates with a strong build and upcycle them for an inexpensive creative solution.

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There is usually a lot of dead space in kitchen cabinets and drawers, especially when they were not designed to anticipate your needs initially. In this case, tension rods can work magic for you. They are easy to install and very flexible. When placed vertically, they are perfect for propping up cutting boards, serving trays and baking sheets. Meanwhile, cleaning agents or pots and pans can be hung systematically on a horizontal tension rod. Adjust these rods anytime to respond to your changing storage demands.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to spend more time at home, which has led to a renewed interest in cooking and baking. As a result, we may have accumulated more kitchen goods than we know what to do with. However, by investing in the right storage solutions, we can keep our kitchen goods organized and easily accessible. From pantry organizers to pot racks, there are many options available to suit different needs and preferences. Not only does this help to keep our kitchens tidy and functional, but it also enhances the overall look and feel of our home interior design. So, declutter and organize your kitchen, and enjoy a more efficient and beautiful space for cooking and entertaining.

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