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Kitchen Design Singapore (Demo)



A good meal brings people together. A US TV show called Grace Before Meals features chef and priest Father Leo Patalinghug. He shows his culinary skills around people in his community with a goal in mind to bring families together. He won a fajitas making contest against professional chef Bobby Flay in the TV show Throwdown.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, yet, it is the most neglected especially in a small space like a condo. A professional kitchen design Singapore company can successfully create a cohesive and organized kitchen design that works for its residents.


The key to a successful kitchen design Singapore construction begins with consulting a reputable design company that specializes in custom made kitchen that owners can enjoy with their loved ones for a long time. The following are the qualities that an architectural or interior design firm should have:


  • The company should be a member of an organization in Singapore that would certify the company as a reputable and professional designer like the Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance (APSDA) or the International Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS).


  • They have done successful projects that garnered great reviews from the clients. They must show a portfolio of actual work done, or if possible, they take you to visit clients who have consulted them too.


  • A trustworthy reputation. Be vigilant enough to take the time to do background checks, to browse the internet, and to refer to social media for customer reviews about their services.


What are the elements of a good kitchen design Singapore project? Function matters over fashion. The kitchen design may look good, but if it doesn’t consider its owners mobility as they work, forget it.


A good kitchen design has the following functions:


  • A lot of compartments and storage for every kitchen tool and equipment. Complaints of lack of storage tops the list every time a kitchen is assessed for functionality.


  • Compact that even in a small space, there is a place to do everything from slicing onions to butchering the meat, cooking the food in an induction oven, washing and storing the plates, and even food storage.


  • Illumination is key. The kitchen is the most dangerous part of the home. A lot of cutting is done most of the time. A well-lit kitchen saves time and money.


  • A good kitchen Singapore design should manage traffic, especially if it’s a small space. The designer must be able to identify ways that would allow a smooth work flow, depending on the size, location and layout of the kitchen that needs to be remodeled or made. The type of flooring to be used must not be too slippery or too rough that it will cause accidents while preparing the food.


  • It maintains a level of safety, and follows the principles of ergonomics. If there are toddlers in the house, mention this to the designer and ask for ways to child proof the house. Examples are making the edges of the counters round instead of having edges that would cause accidents.


  • Provides an efficient plumbing system since the kitchen needs adequate water supply to wash and prepare food. The materials to be used in the pipework must be detailed and stipulated to ensure that only the best supplies can be used to create a working water system. Please make sure that the person who installs it is a professional who knows the ins and outs of the job, someone who knows what to do in emergencies like leaks or burst pipes. You can also ask for earth friendly brands or devices that conserve water coming out from the faucets.


  • A good kitchen design Singapore provides storage that segregates raw food from cooked ones. Joining the two together is hazardous and can lead to food poisoning.


  • It shows the personality of the owner. People have preferences when it comes to the design of their kitchen, including the colors, the tiles and wallpaper used, or those who opt for a more earth friendly kitchen that cares for nature.


  • Appliances and other equipment that will be bought for the kitchen come from a known brand that’s energy efficient, and durable like the seating, the tools, the refrigerator, and the oven. If the resident lives in a condominium, please make inquiries regarding what type of stove to use for to make or remodel the kitchen. Some would prefer using a traditional stove while others want the induction type.



  • The layout should not block the sink, refrigerator, and stove placement, as these are the three elements where most kitchen activities occur.


  • Installing a backsplash will be one of the best and cost efficient decisions that client will ever make. A backsplash is a panel installed in the walls of the kitchen counter to prevent splatter coming from ingredients to stick to the walls or the wall paper of the kitchen.


  • Adequate and roomy counters that minimize the clutter when preparing. This can be very frustrating at times when the counters are made so small that you have to fold your arms closer to your body when cutting food or butchering meats.


  • Adequate ventilation. One of the challenges of working in the kitchen is to constantly be vis-a-vis, or face to face with heat all the time. Aside from that, food cooked in the kitchen often emit smells. This situation is fine if the kitchen is built as a separate compartment from all the rooms in the house. However, if it’s a condominium, the smells of smoked and grilled food like fish tend to stick in the air for long periods of time. A well-constructed kitchen design Singapore includes ventilation when creating the project. Devices to improve air quality, minimize heat in the kitchen, and remove others are essential to keep the air free flowing at all times.


14) Please make inquiries about the list of suppliers that the interior design company makes transactions with. Please mention this when asking for a quote from the company.


Do you still have questions regarding about kitchen design Singapore projects? Contact your nearest interior design or architectural company about their services.