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We’re Swooning Over the JOTUN Colour Collection 2020

It’s no secret colours play a key role in defining the mood of a space. Norwegian decorative paint giant Jotun dropped Colour Collection 2020 earlier this year. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has halted construction work everywhere and we have yet to have a chance to experiment with these colours. Now that we’re halfway through 2020 and things are slowly recovering, it’s time to retrieve them from the archive. Consisting of a healthy balance of rich and reserved hues, the Colour Collection 2020 is a great style guide for home owners who wish to be ahead of the curve.


Described as lush and organic, the colour brings to mind the calm and comfort of nature. It brings a dash of outdoor to the interior, creates a connection, and symbolizes conservation. Some people commented that the shade resembles an avocado. As an avocado devotee, that’s all the better for me πŸ˜‰

JOTUN colour collection 2020



A chalky yellow tone that is moody enough to be used as an accent, yet gentle enough to be used as a neutral at the same time. It pairs well with materials like marble for a more classy look, but go along just as well with clay in a more rustic setting.

JOTUN colour collection 2020



Like its name, the colour wants you to feel grounded and safe. Raw and passionate, Grounded Red draws on the strength and stability of the earth. It can be accentuated with sharper shades, or balanced by other modest tones for a more subdued look.

JOTUN colour collection 2020



The colour is a sumptuous teal, a careful mix of green and blue. It is exotic and luxurious, calling to mind leaves of the jungle and waters of the lagoon. Free spirit is ideal for explorers and travelers who have come home to relax in peace.

JOTUN colour collection 2020



A dark, plum-like shade that induces a comforting ambiance that allows you to get lost in your thoughts. The colour is warm and subtle, yet very unique. Definitely not something you would find in every home.

JOTUN colour collection 2020



This colour is for those who aren’t afraid to, well, make a statement. It calls for attention without being overwhelming. Since it’s such a profound and confident colour, it can be decorated with wooden furniture for a touch of warmth and friendliness.

JOTUN colour collection 2020



This is a colour that promotes acceptance and trust. It leaves the spotlight for other colours, but isn’t too bland and boring that it goes unnoticed. As Jotun puts it, “it’s a compelling visual proof that being humble can be a sign of strength”. Humble Yellow goes well with rattan and cotton for a minimalist and sustainable home.

JOTUN colour collection 2020



The colour is a burnt-orange inspired by Africa’s rich textile culture. It encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and explore new things in the world. Given its origin, feel free to play it up with wild, striking patterns.

JOTUN colour collection 2020



It’s not hard to guess that Lively Red wants to instill the user with energy and playfulness. It represents vitality and lifts your spirit, which is also why it probably shouldn’t be used in spaces meant for relaxation, such as bedrooms.

JOTUN colour collection 2020



Termed a relaxing muted mint, the colour is refreshing and soothing. It’s designed to evoke the stillness and silence of water. The colour prompts you to take a deep breath. You miss out on a lot when you forget to slow down in the hectic race called life.

JOTUN colour collection 2020



The colour channels the elegance and maturity of aged fine wines. Thus, it’s recommended for intellectual spaces like libraries, study rooms and maybe that home office you put together during Circuit Breaker. Wisdom establishes a pensive and reflective mood; velvet compliments that.

JOTUN colour collection 2020



This colour is not as demanding as Statement Blue, and instead conjures up an air of tranquility. It has an almost greyish undertone, which can be offset by employing warm, earthy accents.

JOTUN colour collection 2020


An article later and I decided that Exhale is my favourite from the list. One of a kind and comforting, Exhale absolutely won me over. Which of these colours became your favourite? Is your mind whirring with ideas and inspiration after looking at them? If you wish to have these colours in your home, send us a design request here for a non-obligatory discussion!


All images courtesy of Jotun


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