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Interior Design Tips To Make Your Three-Room Home Look Bigger (Demo)


Singapore is not well known around the world for its vast open spaces, even with the architecture of its homes. Usually, HDB homes found in Singapore are all small in size due to the size of the country compared to the population that it houses.

If you have a three room apartment that you want to enlarge, there is not much that you can do to physically change it into the size that you wish to make it look bigger. However, when it comes to 3 room HDB interior design, there are actually a lot of ways to give the illusion of a bigger space by just manipulating the things in your home.

  • Let the natural light in to your home. Natural light creates a feeling of depth and makes your home look like it has more rooms than it actually does in real life.

In order to accentuate the presence of natural lighting in your home, you can install bigger glass windows and decorate them with either curtains or blinds. If you want more privacy, then you can opt to purchase blinds, as it will provide more coverage when you do not want to be seen from outside than a see-through curtain.

  • Use smaller lamps. Top down lighting can focus attention to just one space. If what you are aiming for is to make your space seems bigger, you should use smaller lamps located at different areas of your home which would spread light across all areas. Instead of drawing attention to just one area, it will draw the eye of your visitors to the different parts of your home. To create a cosy and home like feel, use warm lighting.
  • Use mirrors. Another trick you can use for your 3 room HDB interior design is to use large mirrors in order to reflect the surface of your home. This creates the illusion that your space is bigger than it really is. You can choose to go for full length mirrors, or you can put small mirrors in front of windows or in front of a light source in order to increase the lighting in your home.
  • Purchase sleeker furniture. Instead of buying big and bulky furniture, opt for furniture that is both sleek and contoured. These types of furniture will save you space and will also create the illusion that your house is bigger since you are using what seems to be smaller chairs, tables, and such.
  • You should also opt to buy pieces of furniture that have legs. It is highly recommended that you purchase pieces of furniture such as sofas and chairs that have long legs, instead of purchasing those that are almost close to the floor. The legs will give the illusion of more space as it allows more natural light to pass through more space in your home, and they do not act as some sort of hindrances to the entrance of natural light.
  • Use pale colors when painting your home. Another great 3 room HDB interior design tip you can use is to make sure that you only use light colors when you are painting your home. Although dark colors are very design friendly, they make rooms seem crowded and small. Using light colors such as pale grey, cream, or white will help create an airy and open atmosphere in your home. Using smaller furniture will further accentuate a larger space.
  • It is also recommended that you use at least three different shades of the same color to expand the dimensions of your rooms. This classic 3 room HDB interior design technique will not only help you make it seem like you have more space, but it will also help in keeping your rooms look stylish and modern.
  • The walls should be light colored, but the ceiling shouldn’t. In order to give your home more height, a great 3 room HDB interior design tip you can use is to paint your ceilings with a darker color. A dark colored ceiling will make the eyes of visitors draw upward while at the same time create the illusion that your apartment has more height than it really does.
  • Purchase furniture that has more than one function. Instead of buying a piece of furniture that only serves one purpose, purchase one that you can use to do more than just one thing. For example, an ottoman with built in storage will not only provide comfort but will also help with your storage problems. These kinds of furniture will reduce your need to buy more things for your home, and will make your home feel less cluttered and more spacious.
  • Avoid the unnecessary details to furniture, windows, and flooring such as window treatments and furniture ruffles. These are for big homes. Remember that since you are trying to save space, you should instead opt for more simple designs.
  • Be organized with your stuff. The last thing that you want to have if you are saving space in your home is clutter. Therefore, you should figure out how you are going to organize everything in your home. A great trick is to either arrange them by height or by color. This applies the most with books; since books usually take up a lot of space. Instead of putting them everywhere around your home, arrange them in one area by their color or by their height.
  • Think of angles. A great 3 room HDB interior design that will make your space look bigger is by making sure that each piece of furniture is guaranteed a breathing area, which is basically a small space separating one piece of furniture from another. Sticking by this rule will give you a feeling of more space, since everything is separated from each other by just a tiny fraction.

Sticking to these 3 room HDB interior design tips will not only allow you to make your home look bigger, but these will also help you give a more modern look to your home just by saving space.