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Interior Design the Singaporean Way (Demo)


Singapore is a booming metropolis that embraces the aspects of both change and culture. Time and time again, we may find ourselves noticing the growth of its tiger economy on a global scale. Not only has the county excelled in the fields of technology, education, government and science, it’s also a haven of architectural prowess both on a small and large scale.

The country’s developmental factor is visibly noticeable in the cityscapes wherein buildings bring about an essence of modernity with welcoming interiors ready to serve its purpose. It pays homage to the saying that not only the outside counts but the inside as well. Thus, we should always consider the prospect of good interior designs because not only does it keep an organized environment for our buildings but it also creates an aura of sophistication that would prompt people to stay.

To further give light to interior design Singapore, we must first have an idea of what interior design is. Basically, interior design is a craft that involves planning, time, and creativity. Homeowners consider it as a part of the look for their dream home because it is something that would bring about the comfort and uniqueness of a home environment. Here are the steps to be considered when planning for the interior design of a structure:

  1. Be familiar with the given space

-We cannot start planning a design without considering the space that needs the design. The space in our homes, whether it may be the living room, bathroom, or bedroom needs to be measured, scaled and analysed so that the interior design would match and fit the space provided.

  1. One must take into consideration the color palette for the space.
  2. Earth tones are quite popular because they look good with other colors and that it gives out a natural vibe to a given space.
  3. Monochromatic colors such as whites, black and gray exudes a sleek modern look to the design and their simplicity deters chaos and keeps a space looking organized.
  4. Pastel colors would usually brighten a space and give it a playful attitude. These colors are usually used in playrooms and children’s bedrooms.



  1. Acquire good quality furniture.

-The purpose of the room cannot be brought to life without furniture. The selection of these products is crucial if one expects a good outcome. One must consider the quality and craftsmanship of the furniture as well as its functionality so that the design is met as per criteria. The criteria for choosing good quality furniture include:

  • Durability – ability to withstand environmental stress
  • Aesthetically appealing – pleasing to look at and complements the design of a room
  • Functionality – serves its purpose well and provides ease of use.
  1. The budget for the project should be planned out.

– In order to acquire the necessary products for the design such as paint, furniture, fabric, lighting etc. one must have a computed budget for it. The average cost for interior designing in Singapore is $56,000.

  1. Map out a partial design for the space.

– Some homeowners usually find this as the most difficult part because coming up with a design that caters to one’s needs and is creative at the same time is no easy process. People usually find inspiration by considering the things that appeal to them and their culture because not only is it part of their personality but it also pays homage to their way of life.

Now that we have an idea about how interior design Singapore works, we should now look into what really makes interior design Singapore different from those in other countries.

Interior design Singapore utilizes the aspect of modernity with the background of culture. It incorporates traditional woodwork pieces that reflect the Asian aspect of the design.

Designs like bamboo panels, traditional oil paintings, and cultural figurines give it an Asian touch. Modern pieces are then used to reflect a sophisticated feel. Edgy designs like sliding doors, leather furniture and furniture with geometric shapes give a space its modern look. What makes interior design Singapore special is the way the Singaporean people come up with their designs, resulting in an outcome that reflects their lifestyle and the growth of their nation.

Moreover, the urban aspect of the country allows designer to come up with cosmopolitan spaces. Interior design Singapore explores the possibilities of space maximization and functionality by utilizing products that serve their function while occupying less space.

This smart choice for a design brings about a minimalist lifestyle that is not only budget-friendly but also gives a calming effect to homeowners because a space is less crowded. This is ethical for homes that belong to large families because the population of the family members can maximize their space without the space getting too closed up. It is also ethical for people who long for spacious rooms ideal for movement such as exercise, dancing, yoga, and the like. This type of design also allows people to limit their spending on the essentials as much as possible so that unnecessary furniture of product does not clog up a space. It is wise to keep in mind that a space should be utilized for comfort and not for storage unless its designed for that so unnecessary junk should be avoided.

All in all, interior design Singapore paves the way for new innovations for the interior design industry in Singapore. It provides work for both budding and veteran interior designers in the country and allows them to have the canvas to work with. It also provides homeowners with a wide array of options when it comes to designing their dream homes because it allows an in depth experience of interior designing wherein both the designer and the owner work hand in hand to come up with a design that satisfies the criteria for a well-designed interior space.

The booming online community also helps in the designing process because it serves as a gateway for design inspirations and ideas. One can look up design ideas on the internet with ease, and many blogs offer a good number of options for homeowners. It is best to remember that whatever design one chooses, it should reflect his/her lifestyle because that is the main purpose of designing one’s home – to make our lives comfortable and to make living life enjoyable while we stay in our homes.