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Interior design ideas for Commercial Interior Design in Singapore (Demo)



Commercial interior design in Singapore reflects the exacting taste of world class corporations that take on the services of multi-awarded interior design firms located in the island state. With budget hardly a consideration most of the time, the question of the day for interior designers who are working on commercial projects is, ‘how do we reflect and elevate the brand identity of the corporation in their interior design space?’ This is the reason interior design for corporations and business is a great platform for interior designers to stretch and show off their creative and design talent. As such Singapore has some of the best interior designers in the world.

If you are based in Singapore and are looking for commercial interior design ideas, below are a few you can consider for your office interior design project.


IdenTity Design

There are several award-winning interior design firms in Singapore who have been creating and designing since the mid-90s. These are boutique design firms who are well-known for their interior designers. Their designers have a wide array of experience in corporate interior design and are very much able to tune in to the particular needs of a variety of clients. They are able to do this by first studying and understanding the particular personality of their client as a brand before proceeding with drawing up a design that will suit their brand identity. If you want commercial interior design that is well sculpted, intimate and reflects strong brand identity then Singaporean interior design firms are the people to work with. With their comprehensive list of interior design services such as design conceptualization, project management and construction, space planning etc. satisfaction with the result is almost a guarantee.



If you are looking to work with an interior design firm with flare for upmarket interior design, there are several interior design firms in Singapore that can deliver just that. After all, Singapore is all about strong, modern, positive vibe when it comes to many, if not all, of its design projects. Upmarket interior design is in fact, a reflection of the personality of the country. Many corporations and commercial establishments understand this about Singapore and want it reflected in the design of their offices and commercial interior design space. Upmarket interior design firms have answered the call and compiled a portfolio of interior design projects that reflect the spirit of the city.



Large scale commercial interior design can be a bit tricky and for most can be a very difficult project to pull off with style and pizazz because of the demand in time and resources on both the company and the interior design firm. For a large scale interior design project to work and be a success it is necessary to take on the services of an interior design firm with the experience to pull it off. In Singapore there are only a hand-full of these interior design firms. They are often the interior design firms with a portfolio that extends outside of Singapore and often covers the whole of Southeast Asia. When choosing the right design firm to manage your company’s large scale corporate interior design projects, looking at the design portfolio is the first step. Only talk to interior design firms who have successfully constructed and managed large scale design projects. Trust us. The only way to make sure the project is smooth sailing is to work with creative design experts.



For the modern and forward thinking client with a progressive mindset towards their commercial interior design space, the sort of client who considers architecture as functional art, Singapore has just the interior design firm for you. A great example of architecture as functional art is the Troika Sales Gallery, although located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was designed by a Singaporean interior design firm.

The Troika Gallery was created to look like a ‘gallery inside a gallery’. Surrounded by glass walls, the artworks installed within the interior of the gallery were meant to be visible outside, on the streets, to be appreciated by both visitors inside the gallery and passersby. The Troika Gallery is a study in architectural and interior design harmony. It perfectly blends together contradictory design ideas such as: classic & modern lines, man-made & natural elements, artificial and essential design touches, creating both a free and yet constrained atmosphere.

If this is the design direction you would like for your office interior design project then get in touch with the Singapore interior design firms with the artistic flare to pull it off. There will be very few of them to choose from. When you do find the right one, be assured unique design expectations will be met.



Minimalist, modern corporate interior design with a distinct touch of Asia is difficult to pull off precisely because it is a design idea that is very exacting. Add one wrong element and the overall concept can veer off track very easily. But when the right design elements are brought together to perfection, the result is often a sight to behold and creates the perfect modern Asian atmosphere inside the interior design space. To get the perfect interpretation of modern Asian commercial interior design consult with the specialists. Since the interior design aesthetic is gaining in popularity there are a few interior design firms who have earned a reputation for modern Asian interior design. This is not the sort of commercial interior design idea that you would like to experiment with and entrust to an inexperienced design firm. Best to let the pros handle it.


Whatever interior design idea you are planning for your commercial space, there is a commercial interior design firm in Singapore that you will be able to work with. It is all a matter of looking and consulting with them about your design ideas and for sure they will have the experience and creative talent to pull it through for you and your company.