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How to Qualify and Enjoy Your Own HDB 4 Room Interior Design (Demo)


Finding the perfect home for you and your family will be exciting, but it will not be an easy task to do.  Buying any piece of property is a big investment and you should never jump into it unless your mind is completely free from doubt. Since the cost of apartments and houses in Singapore is rising, the Housing Development Board (also known as HDB) has initiated a project called the Public Rental Scheme.  Having HDB 4 room interior design options even if you are short of budget is now possible.


The Public Rental Scheme allows a Singapore Citizen with comparatively lower income than most of the populace to temporarily rent a heavily subsidized flat while waiting for the approval of his Build to Order (BTO) application. With the Public Rental Scheme, he could either rent a flat with his family or on his own as an individual renter. He must also be eligible based on the criteria in order for his application for HDB 4 room interior design to be approved.


Renting as a family (Family Scheme):

  • The applicant should be a Singaporean Citizen (SC)
  • The household must include at least one other SC or a permanent resident of Singapore (SPR)
  • Your household must consist of any of the following:
    • For married individuals: the applicant and the spouse
    • For single individuals: the applicant and his parents
    • For widowed or divorced individuals: the applicant and children under his legal custody
    • The applicant and his fiancé/fiancée
    • For orphaned individuals: The applicant and his siblings  (The applicant is eligible only if at least one of his parents was an SC.) his siblings, and at least 1 parent who is an SC


Renting as an individual (Joint Singles Scheme):

  • The applicant as well as his listed co-renter should be Singapore Citizens (SC).
  • The co-renters should meet the following conditions:
    • Both should be single and at least 35 years old of age
    • Widowed or orphaned individuals should be at least 21 years of age
    • Unmarried individuals previously divorced or separated from their spouses


  • Individual renters should have the required legal documents to prove their marital status and citizenship. Orphaned renters should show proof that at least one of their parents is an SC or a permanent resident.



Aside from the set of criteria above, there are other requirements that the applicant and other listed occupants should meet to qualify under the Public Rental Scheme:


  • The total income earned by all members of the household should not exceed $1,500 per month.
  • All listed occupants should not have tenancy agreements or outstanding rental contracts with other HDB flats.
  • All listed occupants should not have any interest in any HDB 4 room interior design unit or any design, build, and sell scheme flat. Any such properties owned by any occupant should have already been sold or liquidated 30 months before filing the application for the Public Rental Scheme.
  • None of the listed occupants should have had open market transactions (acquisition or selling) for two direct HDB flats. They should also not have any vested interest in any similar properties.


Here are some reasons why you and the other listed occupants could become ineligible for renting a flat under the Public Rental Scheme:

  • disobedience of any rule, regulation, or policy issued by the government or the HDB
  • ability of children or relatives to take care of the applicant in their own homes
  • financial stability of children and relatives to provide and maintain other housing options for the applicant


The HDB will carefully assess applications for the Public Rental Scheme, taking into consideration information about the applicant, his immediate relatives, and other persons who will occupy the same property.  Applications can be filed in any one of three zones, namely:  Ang Mo Kio, Bedol/Tampines, Bukit Merah/Jurong, and Woodlands


Once your application has finally been approved, you can now decide on what kind of HDB 4 room interior design you would like. There are plenty of interior design companies in Singapore whom you could approach. Just discuss your preferred floor plan with one of their interior designers. They could then make a layout of what your new apartment could look like.


To catch up with the modern designs today and get that homey feeling all at the same time, you could opt for a minimalist industrial design concept. Having a perfect balance of modern and industrial, the outcome makes the HDB 4 room interior design look simple, yet stylish. If you’re opting for HDB 4 room interior design that’s more minimalistic, you could never go wrong with a black and white pair. It is relatively easy to achieve and it gives the illusion that you have bigger space in your home than you actually do.  This is because of the reflection of the light.


Scandinavian designs are also a popular choice among home owners who are looking for new HDB 4 room interior design ideas. Because it’s simple and unique, furniture and décor in this design are easy to incorporate in any room.  A modern Scandinavian look can still be possible for your rooms, with or even without the need for major renovations.


If you would like something a bit more relaxing, you could opt for an urban resorts themed apartment, that could always remove the stress and help you relax after a long day’s work. This interior design concept uses neutral and earthly hues, with artistically placed furniture and decoration. Certain patterns, such as earth-toned flowers and trees, can also help you relax. Add printed Zen walls for that extra relaxing feel.


The possibilities when it comes to designing your house are endless. No matter how you would like to design your house, remind yourself to not get too ambitious.  As you are not exactly in the best financial position, you will have to carefully plan on getting only what you can afford.


While HDB flats sold under the Home Ownership Scheme are intended for the owner and their families, it is not impossible for them to sublet (rent out) their apartment or spare rooms to other people.  This kind of arrangement should be approved by the HDB and is subject to rules and regulations.  Other SCs, SPRs, and foreigners may rent under the Subletting of Flat/Room Scheme.