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How to Look for the Best Lighting Shop in Singapore (Demo)

Finding the right light fixture for any part of your house is important not only for providing lighting for the room, but also for giving a certain feel to the space. If you want your space to have a certain atmosphere, lighting is the key. There are many different types of bulbs and lighting fixtures that you can choose from in the market, and it can be confusing to look for the perfect fixtures to put in your home.


The first thing that you need to do in order to find the perfect lighting fixture is to look for the best lighting shop. The best lighting shop in Singapore can actually be found in many areas in the country, but most of them can be found in the urban area where the demand is much higher.


Just like with any other type of store, a lighting shop in Singapore would have its share of positive and negative reviews, and the factors which would usually determine if the store is any good are the products and the customer service. However, in purchasing lighting products, even if you are in the best lighting shop in Singapore, you need first to assess what exactly it is that you need.


The factors mentioned here are the general ones, but what about the ones that you should personally consider? You may have heard nightmare stories from customers who have had bad experiences with a lighting shop in Singapore, being lied to or cheated on the products and their prices, as well as having experienced dealing with terrible salespeople who are either too pushy or too unhelpful. To help guide your choices, here are some things you need to consider before stepping into and buying from a lighting shop in Singapore, regardless if it is online or offline.


  • Know what you want. Especially in areas in Singapore where lighting stores abound such as in Jalan Besar and Balestier, most of the sales people get commission for every product that they sell, and so if you do not know exactly what you are looking for, they will push you into buying the product that they are advertising. Not only will this not help you in choosing the right product, but you will also have a less appealing shopping experience. Therefore, before you even go to a lighting shop, you must first already know what you want, and only stick to that when you make your purchase.


Always use your logic and trust your sense of judgment before you buy, and do not give in to the persuasion of sales people who will only endorse something just so they could get hold of the commission.


  • Avoid dishonest marketing and advertising. There are shops that market their products using dishonest means. Before you decide to buy a package or see a promotion, make sure first that the products that are being advertised are in the best possible condition. In many instances, the products being marketed as packaged or discounted have been in the shelves for a long time and may not have the same quality as they had before. It can be more costly to make repairs or replacements on certain products you buy compared to just buying a high quality one in the first place. The key here is to check and then double check everything before you finalize your purchase.


  • Take a closer look at the warranty policies. Products being offered at heavily discounted rates typically come with little to no warranty. Always ask for a warranty, because it would be terrible to receive damaged products and have no way of either returning or exchanging them because your product does not have a warranty.



  • Shop around first. Unless you already know what you want, do not immediately buy the first thing you see at the first lighting shop in Singapore you visit. Salespeople will most likely give you packages and discounts on some products, most of which may seem alluring but in fact are not even likely a good deal if you simply shop around first. In order to get a better idea of your options, you should shop around first before you make any purchases.


  • Be very wary of the prices before you buy. Some market their products as being x percent off, but in fact they are just selling the products at a much higher rate and, with the percentage off, they are selling it at the retail price. If you are not the type of person who manages to forcefully ask for a discount from a lighting shop in Singapore, chances are you will be spending too much money for the products you intend to purchase. Typically, a lighting shop in Singapore will not display the prices of their products, and the sellers will actually try and see how much they can get from you. In Singapore, bargaining is extremely common, and if you do not look hard enough, you will be paying for more money. Therefore, you should always make sure that the lighting shop in Singapore you choose displays its prices so that no bargaining would be needed. Even better would be buying from a shop which has a lowest price guarantee. This would mean that if you find the same light fixture at a different store for a lower price, you can ask back for the price difference, and you are assured that you are definitely buying the product at the lowest possible price.


To conclude, it really pays to be a smart buyer when it comes to looking for the perfect lighting fixture in Singapore. Before you decide to buy a product, make sure that you have carefully assessed the market, the store you are buying from clearly indicates the prices in which they offer their products, and that you know exactly what you are looking for. Both online and offline you will encounter stores which will play with you with their advertisement tactics, so it would be best if you outsmart them by knowing what you want and sticking to that.