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How to Create a Living Room That is to Die For (Demo)



Many Singaporeans have a really busy lifestyle. And so, the last thing they would want is to go home to a place that is unkempt and difficult to manage, which just adds up to their stress. This is why we have come up with a compilation of living room design ideas.

Question: why focus on the living room? It is because it is typically the first place a person walks to whenever he enters a house. It is also the place where everybody in the household would normally converge, aside from the dining room. And, it is where we receive guests. So it is just important to keep the following things in mind when coming up with living room design ideas:


  • It should be presentable;
  • It should have a warm, welcoming, inviting feel;
  • It should radiate energy;
  • It should reflect the personality of the people living in the place;
  • It should always be tidy while still allowing flexibility in terms of adapting to the inhabitants’ lifestyles.

Personally, it is believed that the living room is the heart of every home. As with a human body, everything just works properly when the heart is in its right state. Therefore, we need to ensure that we give special attention to it, and choose among living room design ideas wisely.

Some Inspirations for Living Room Design

There are many sites on the Internet that provide inspiration for living room design ideas. Well, some can say this is just one of those, but here, we are going to collate those design ideas based on how homeowners wanted their living rooms to feel like, along with tips on how to achieve this on their own.



Following are some living room design ideas that can serve as inspiration to those who are constructing or renovating their homes:

  • For those who want their small living rooms to appear more spacious, here are some practical design suggestions:


  • Lighten up the flooring. Stick to light colored marble or tile flooring to create the illusion of a wider space. If this is impossible, i.e., the room has already been equipped with dark flooring, slap on a huge rug in blush or pastel colors or even white. Let this be the base of the entire living room.
  • Be bold with the walls. The purpose of this is basically to add some sassiness and character to the entire living room design. It sort of gives the feeling that even if the space is limited, it does not necessarily mean that the homeowner is also restricted.
  • Opt for big windows. If this is not possible, then at least drape the windows with tall curtains. Position the current rods right on the ceiling, and then let the curtains touch the floor. And, opt for light colored curtains. This helps to lengthen the look of the entire room.
  • Aside from the main light, put lightings on the corners, whether that’s with a lampshade on every nook or a simple lighting fixture trained to beam light on to each cranny of the room. This also creates the illusion of a wider room.
  • Less furniture is definitely more to a living room with small space. Also, opt for the smaller types, especially with the upholstery and tables. Some people might think that they are jeopardizing their comfort with this one, but wait ‘til they’re actually on the living room already. It’s easier having smaller versions of their preferred furniture in a small room than have the full scale ones and then the inhabitants of the house would just take turns bumping each other.
  • Equip an otherwise blank wall with a huge mirror. It will make the room appear a lot larger and the guests can have some place to check themselves out, too. Just try to avoid placing them right in front of the sofa so people do not get to stare at themselves all the time.





  • For those who have large living rooms; yes, they are lucky! But the main consideration here would be how the space must be maximized.


Here are some large living room design ideas:


  • Divide the room into functional spaces. One can be an area for reception where the sofa and two ottomans go, and then another can be a reading area, which should ideally be situated in an area that’s nearer to the source of natural light, which could either be a window or a second door.
  • For added subtle chic, instead of a screen, employ the following as dividers: an L-sectional, a row of ottomans, a sofa bed, or a console table. Serves double purpose especially for those who are fond of lying down whenever they reach the house, wherever room they set foot to.
  • Another subtle yet sassy way of dividing is by painting different wall colors or color shades for each room division. For example, the receiving area could be painted a couple of hues darker than the reading area.
  • Do not let any wall in the room go bare. Even just a piece of artwork will do. Try to couple this with a table of memorabilia, or build that right in so the people in the house would be forced to always fill that out.


  • For those who just want to feel good vibes whenever they enter their living room, why not try feng shui living room design ideas? These are meant to make living rooms feel energetic, even make the inhabitants lucky! Here are some tips:


  • Position the sofa against a wall that is in full view of the door but not necessarily right in front of it. It is said that this symbolizes support in life.
  • Always banish clutter from the living room. Clutter equates bane. To do this, keep furniture pieces to a minimal by buying those that serve double purposes.
  • Add life to the room with green plants. Ideally, they should be placed on the south and east corners of the room to bring forth professional success and good health.