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How To Come Up With The Perfect Landed Interior Design Ideas

Now that you have a landed property, you can enjoy all of its perks. But even with the numerous benefits, there are quite a few things you have to look out for when you intend to renovate your property.

Below are tips on how you can make use of your own landed space with the perfect landed interior design and make your home truly your own.


1. Set a sizeable budget for renovation alone

There are many benefits to having your own landed property, as well as a couple of caveats or slight nuances as well.

For starters, you’ll be in charge of maintaining everything. From the roof down to the walls and foundation, as well as everything else, you are in charge of taking care of every aspect of your landed property, from top to bottom.

So, before thinking about renovating your landed home, you’ll want to set aside a sizeable budget just for the renovation alone, and a separate budget for maintenance. To make it easier on your finances, you can separate the renovation to multiple phases so you can focus on one area first before moving on to the next.


2. Try to focus on the furniture first

Because landed properties are huge, you’ll need a sizeable budget to renovate the interiors. But, if you want to save costs, and still want to make the interior of your landed home better, you can try using furniture instead.

You’d be surprised as to how different a room can look with a huge attractive rug putting it all together.


3. Mix up patterns and textures

The old, the new, the modern, and traditional don’t always have to belong in separate places.

A good interior designer will tell you just how important your personality and your own personal touches are when it comes to designing the interior of your house.

Remember, this is your house, and the more that it screams your personality, the better.

Don’t be afraid to mix in patterns and textures when designing the interior, even if it may not be “trendy”. After all, you’re supposed to do whatever you please with the design, and if it doesn’t work, you’re free to redecorate your home anytime you want.


4. Hire an interior designer or decorator

To put everything together nicely at the end, you can always hire an interior designer or decorator. They’ll help you turn your ideas into a reality and suggest designs that might be better suited for what you want to achieve in the first place.

An expert that does interior design in Singapore has the necessary experience and qualifications to help you make the most out of the interior of your landed property without necessarily asking you to splurge money on it. Contrary to popular belief, interior designers only what’s best for you, and if you have a limited budget, they will try their best to work within that set budget and come up with the best results.

Using these tips and by working with a reputable interior design that has tons of experience working on landed properties, you can make your landed property unique and make it truly your own.