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What You Need for a Hotel-Style Bedroom Makeover

Sure – technically, all you need for a bedroom is… a bed. But it’s obviously a lot more than that. If you struggle with energy slumps, difficulty to focus, fleeting attention spans or the likes, don’t be so quick to attribute them to the boredom of work. If you greet back and neck aches like old friends, or experience random bouts of skin problems that even SK-II can’t solve, they could stem from a surprising common culprit: sleep.

Sleep is one of the most important fundamentals of our lives; yet it’s constantly overlooked. It’s one of those things that, if you get right, can work magic on every waking moment of your day. So, what can you change in your bedroom to improve your sleep? You look for clues in places where you’ve slept like a baby: hotel rooms.

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Good sleep is built upon a hefty investment into mattresses. If there’s one thing you plan to splurge on in this list, choose mattress. Refer to our simple guide on choosing the perfect mattress.

Bed Sheets

A big part of sleep engineering comes down to body temperatures. The hallmark of the perfect bed sheet is therefore comfort and breathability. Fabrics like quality cotton that don’t trap much heat allow your body to self-regulate its temperature. In terms of weave, choose Sateen or Percale. The former is a dense weave with a soft, satiny texture – hence the name. The latter is a lightweight weave with a crisp and cooling effect.


We live in the city, which means we live with light pollution. Excessive lights after hours confuse our brain about sleep hormone releases and disrupt our body’s natural circadian rhythm, making it hard to fall asleep or maintain stable sleep (the same is true for blue lights emitting from electronic devices). This is why hotel bedrooms install heavy black-out curtains, which could trap you in bed the same way casinos trap you inside by inhibiting your sense of time. Worthy investment if you ask us.


Climate scientists will hate us for saying this, but studies have shown that humans sleep best at about 18ยฐC.ย However, for a population that starts donning parkas when the wind so much as turns a fraction chillier, we think the 25-27ยฐC that Mother Earth prefers work just fine for Singaporeans.

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To aromatherapy we say, why not? Scents have substantial effects on your mood, focus, productivity and of course – sleep. For the bedroom design ideas, opt for essential oils with notes of lavender, ylang ylang, chamomile, peppermint, cedarwood or sandalwood. These are known to significantly improve sleep quality.

These are only the basic elements for a hotel-style bedroom makeover. You can go above and beyond with cool electronics; smart lighting systems; rugs, carpets or other noise-absorbing furniture. Most importantly, work within your budget. But trust us, your sleep is one fail-safe investment that you won’t ever regret.

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