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The first step in renovation is to consider the style of the house, but most homeowners have no idea what kind of style they actually like and which style suits their lifestyle.

This article summarizes the most common design styles which suitable for different house type, and can be used as a reference when it comes to renovation. After understanding the various styles owners can accurately describe the design ambience they want. Also, it will be smoother when communicating with the interior designer.

Interior Design Style

1. Modern style

Modern style design is ” functional in the first place”, abandoning superfluous decoration, focusing on the beauty of the lines of the structure.

2. Japanese style

The overall color palette is soft, the space shape is simple, and the decoration materials are mostly natural materials. The most important feature is the multi-functionality, which meets the aesthetic pursuit of brightness and lightness of small households while not wasting every corner. This style usually used in loft apartments in Singapore.

3. Scandinavian style

The color scheme is highly saturated, the space is embellished with more color blocks, and a large number of wood materials are used. Scandinavian style furniture is practical and natural, and most of the shapes are taller.

4. Luxurious style

With neutral colors, materials and decorations with a sense of luxury, to create a restrained yet luxurious style, representing a self and tasteful attitude to life. This interior style mostly used for condo and loft type house.

5. French Style

Last but not least, French style representing the French pursuit of beauty and romance, with details such as the use of carvings and lines, and fine and elaborate production techniques.

French style removes the complicated and extravagant decorative design highlighted by the traditional French style. It selects plain and unobtrusive design solutions to create a sense of contemporary French minimalism.

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All in all, no matter which style you design your house into, it is important to keep it clean and maintained in your daily life, which will make your home more beautiful.

In order to make your house more comfortable and suited your lifestyle, you need to hire a professional interior designer. As one of the best interior designer in Singapore, we are always ready to provide you with our professional services.

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