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Home Design Tips for Singapore Residents (Demo)



The quality of life Singapore has steadily been increasing over the years, which has led to the increase of private residential units as the country continues to attract more and more permanent residents.  Condominiums have become the popular housing option for residents, as they are much affordable and easier to purchase for the average person. As a result, many people are stuck living in a small, confined space without any capacity for expansion. A lot of people are now prone to cramped living conditions, which can bring undue stress to the people who work under the fast-paced environment of Singapore. Good thing that this situation can be avoided entirely through the application of smart interior design techniques. No need to be an expert architect or interior designer or anything. By following a few basic interior design tips and principles practiced by home decor Singapore experts, you can make your own home a more livable place.


Whether you recently moved in or are planning to renovate your home, similar principles will apply. Firstly, you need to know how to manipulate space. The trend among home decor Singapore enthusiasts is that they know how to choose and arrange furniture in order to make their homes more livable. When it comes to maximizing space at home, you better make sure not to compromise on comfort and functionality. See to it that each room work as they’re supposed to and that you avoid placing unnecessary objects to save space. Start from the fundamental such as providing each major room with their own complete set of furniture. A dining room requires a dining table and chairs, while a bedroom requires a bed. Creating an affordable home is possible as there are many home decor Singapore smart options to choose from, so focus on the essentials should be easy to prioritize. Once you’ve set up the livability of your home, the next step is to optimize the space that’s left behind. After listing these essentials, you should now begin to cater to other areas such as where you’ll work, where guests can sit in, and more.


Focusing on the one key area at a time is a useful practice popular among home decor Singapore enthusiasts. Begin by making a living room where you and guests can just lounge in. Usually, this is the biggest room you’ll have, as this is the area where people gather in other than the dining area. You have a variety of options to put here, which include choosing a television set, propping a coffee table with magazines, putting picture frames and others depending on your hobbies. Living in a small space will force you to have the dining room and kitchen within proximity of each other. This is can actually be pretty convenient, as you’ll have the fridge and cooking area just one step away.


When arranging the dining room, the main problem you’ll have to solve is how you’ll clearly define the boundaries of the kitchen from the dining area. Make sure that you can have the same enjoyment from eating your food as much as you had from preparing it. Further on, arranging the bedroom will depend on the person. Typically, the room should be a place to sleep, change clothes, and a place to store your personal belongings. It’ll depend on a person whether to make the bedroom as a place of entertainment or work as well. Just be sure that the room is mainly designated as a place to sleep since some people find it hard to rest when their bedroom is also study area to them. Lastly, you shouldn’t forget about the bathroom. The main idea here is to choose a color that isn’t hard to clean and helps exude a fresh feeling, as you’ll be using this room everyday hygiene. Match your towels and bottles to the interior for added effect.


Depending on your room layout and preference, you may decide differently as to how you’ll allocate space around your home. It’s important to be aware of the actual dimensions of your home. When searching for home decor Singapore options, bringing a floor plan is always recommended. This vital piece of information is what you’ll be using when working with contractors, interior designers, and interior design software. You don’t just simply follow what’s popular among home decor Singapore options right now. It is important to take consideration of each individual product’s specifications before buying furniture. Make sure to confirm whether they’ll fit in your home so you won’t ever need to waste money by relying on estimates. This is also important, as it’ll affect your other decisions on space allocation. Depending on your personality, you have to decide on the arrangements of your house so that they’ll suit your needs, and never the other way around. If you want easy access to your medicine storage, you’ll have to decide whether to place them in your bathroom or within a storage cabinet in a central location. The type of furniture you buy should not only depend on their size, but as well as how they’ll be used as part of your daily living. An important tip to achieve efficient space allocation is to always connect how certain parts of your home will function in relation to the whole.


Besides livability and functionality, a home should also suit the owner based on his personality. Your home should be able to define you, but it has work together. Feel free to choose a color scheme that you like, but be sure to choose accents that complement each other. Lighting is also another element to consider, and most of the time your homes will have some form of lightning present already. Learn how to work with the natural lighting sources derived from your windows, and make some adjustments so that they’ll fit your ideas. Given these tips and principles, you now have the ability transform your place into your dream home. There are many resources on ideas and concepts regarding home decor Singapore designs available online, which you can also read about for more information.  You may also take advantage of free consultations offered by many Singaporean interior design firms for your benefit.