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Home Design Ideas in Singapore (Demo)


Most of us are not born to have the intuition of an interior designer. Some may hire one to decorate their homes and some may shrug it off and act as one. Whether you hire a decorator or you do it on your own it is important to have a house that you want to come home to.

Here are four home design ideas that you can consider for now.

  1. The timeless and classy home

This is one of the home design ideas that is simply described as clean and classy. Just like what you see in high end hotels, this design shows elegance with a timeless look. To make it cozier, you can put in colorful drapes, cushy throw pillows or blankets. Warm red or orange can break the monotony of the browns and creams palette which are commonly used for this kind of design.

The challenge when you opt for this design is the lack of space. However, a talented interior designer can figured out a way to come up with a solution to make a space look bigger and wider than it actually is.

The first way is to create a three dimensional illusion to the area. Hang more glass shelves and cabinet which will magnify the reflection of the space. A floor length mirror can also amplify a small space. Another way to make your space look bigger is to apply monotone colors. These colors will complement the glass shelves even the mirrors. The perfect color is white.

The space can also be maximized with the use of platform bed and dark wood furniture painted with white lining. The platform bed can create more space to your bedroom. The lower part of the bed can be utilized as a study or as a drawer. Refrain from using big sofas with ultra-heavy foam fillers. Opt for dark wood with white furniture because it can maximize space. Keep in mind that wood and carpentry gives out elegance and sophistication as well as it can make a room look spacious.

  1. Sleek and masculine

These home design ideas are perfect for a man who values design, functionality, space, and family. Paint your wall, choose wood furniture, and throw in drapes in a combination of browns. To make it cozier, use cove and ambient lighting. The warm undertones will make your house inviting to rest and relax.

To break the monotony of this design, throw in soft touches such as potted flowers which can create a relief to the masculine interior.

This woody interior is ideal for men because it is easy to maintain, just make sure to choose stylish but manly furniture.

  1. The nature-friendly home

As the name suggests, this is another of those home design ideas that keeps a relaxing vibe through nature. Aside from the benefits of air quality, it is also a more affordable alternative in creating a fresh and relaxed space.

The trick in creating this design is to put in more potted plants inside the house. Colorful drapes and chic accessories in the living room can also make it more inviting. Just keep in mind to make things light and airy in all areas, light brown and white wall and furniture painting can help with that.

Also include a colored rug, a nice and light colorful curtain which floats when blown with fresh air. Just let the sunlight comes in and be like a god or goddess of nature at the center of the urban Singapore. Also minimize your home to basic furniture and texture.

  1. The contemporary grey

Some designers may not agree with using grey as a theme to a home because it is a dull color but the dullness can be toned down through texture and adding minimal colors to drapes or furniture.

Get a touch of elegance. The modern ambience, texture and color scheme should work well together, regardless of how dull the undertone is.

Throw in more texture to furniture in the living area, even decors and lamps. This can complement well with the grey wall while you can keep an open kitchen to create more space.

There are many things you can do to make your house your dream home, whether you opt for timeless and classy, sleek and masculine, nature-friendly or contemporary grey home design ideas. Be sure to personalize them based on your preferences.

Tips in personalizing your home

The most challenging but also the best part of moving to a new space would be decorating it with items which will reflect your personality. Even the smallest thing that you put in your house will speak of who you really are.

Here are tips on how to personalize some home design ideas without pushing too much:

  1. Choose colors based on your style

Choosing a color that you like is the easiest way to customize space. Especially in your bedroom or working area, use color which reflects your personality.

  1. Hang pictures

Not that into artworks? Hang more pictures of you, your friends and family to make your space more personal.

  1. Explore various types and style of furniture

Make sure to shortlist your explored furniture based on your needs and preferences, then choose the one which fits your home.

The secret to a beautiful home

A home should cater to the needs of each individual member of a family. Each should have enough privacy when needed and an area to gather around and spend time with each other.

A recreation room is ideal in spending time with each other while a bedroom should be enough for the people who are to sleep in the bed.

Home design ideas and furniture should work well together. It should always look clean and organized.

Lastly, a home should be conducive to live in. It should be a place for your family to relax and make precious moments together.

Having a beautiful house is good but a home that you and your family would want to come home to is better.