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Whether you are renting a place or you own the home you are staying in, designing its interiors may be such a great challenge. Oftentimes, when decorating, we forget about the importance of lighting in creating the atmosphere and the overall visual effects. It’s about time that we acknowledge that however expensive a place may be, without proper use of lighting, it would look cheap uncomfortable and cheap. Professional designers suggest the following useful tips that will surely make a big difference in our homes along with the lighting shops Singapore.


Custom light schemes


What is a custom light scheme? It is a combination of light effects in specified areas and rooms of your house. This has been used a lot by well-known modern interior designers who have made a big leap in the interior design industry. Don’t worry too much about the cost. While there are fixtures that are expensive, proper matching of light is not that pricey at all. Just listen to the experts and you do not need to hire a professional designer to accomplish great effects.


  • There is beauty in diversity. It is the use of a range of lighting in different locations and areas of your home. Even if you are renting the place, you can put in your personal touch by using variety. The lighting shops Singapore have a number of items from which you may choose.


  • Certain objects or fixtures in your house can be a focal point. Putting more lights on specific objects like your favorite painting or an antique item.


  • The differing intensity of lighting can be employed to prevent ‘lighting fatigue.’ You can differ the brightness in certain rooms to avoid that kind of effect of a bright and shadow-less conference area. Shadows can exude beauty if used the right way. It can give off a vibe of cosiness.


  • Directed lighting. In specific rooms of your home such as the kitchen, it is not necessary for you to put lights in the center of the room. You can instead put directed lights on kitchen islands and countertops for a more emphatic effect.


  • Install lights in specific positions to get maximum results and benefits. Consider putting lights on both sides and above the mirror in your bathroom. You won’t need the shadows when you are putting on your makeup or doing your hair.


  • Vertical surfaces. The walls and vertical spaces are areas that need to have that artistic effect. Putting appropriate lights with varied brightness in these areas will surely make a room beautiful.


  • Use of dimmers. According to the experts, instead of switches, you must use dimmers. This is the quickest and cheapest way of creating great lighting effects. These dimmers are available in lighting shops Singapore.


Common lighting errors


Knowing about the tricks of custom lighting scheme and employing them in your own place is not enough. You must be aware that without a plan, you may be spending much more than necessary. The lighting shops Singapore agree that the following mistakes must be avoided.


  • Downlights all over the place. It has been a common mistake to install can lights in many areas of your house because they are inexpensive. The problem with can lights is that they are not bright enough to illumine the vertical surfaces and walls. The total effect of these lights will be gloomy and dark and will give a cave-like effect on your house instead.


  • Lack of task lights. In the kitchen, task lights are important. Installing lights under upper cabinets is important to shed more light on the counter where you do most of the cooking preparations. Use fluorescent or LED color temperature from lighting shops Singapore.


  • Downlights only over the vanity. Using downlights in the bathroom may not be enough especially above the mirror. These lights may focus on some fixtures in your bathroom such as a nickel faucet for instance; but you surely need more light when doing personal grooming tasks such as trimming your eyebrows, shaving or putting on makeup. Lights should be installed on the sides of the mirror to avoid shadows.


  • Lack of dimming. Incandescent or halogen lights need to be installed with dimmers. Lighting your residence with these types of lighting is necessary for longer periods of time; however, they must be dimmed to decrease heat output and energy as well as lengthen the life of the bulb. You can find dimmers as well as long-lasting lamps in lighting shops Singapore.


  • Not incorporating task, ambient, and accent lighting. Putting together different types of light is always a big plus. Task lighting is necessary to focus on areas where some tasks are done such as countertops and other kitchen areas. The ambient light is used for activities like conversing, walking around as well as identifying items. Finally, accent lights are necessary to let an artwork, a centrepiece, or certain features of your place stand out. Making use of these three types of light will give your more benefits such as functionality, sufficient lighting and interest.


  • Neglecting control of the lights. Each light has different use and effect; thus, each of them must be controlled properly mainly because of practicality and economy. This can be accomplished by installing several switches and dimmers, setting of timers, and use of remote controls.


  • Downlights used as ambient light. Installing downlights on ceilings to serve as ambient lights are not efficient at all. They do not exude enough light and do not even beautify that area as much as focused lights. Downlights can be used on the walls though to achieve that desired effect. Different types of light are available at lighting shops Singapore.


  • Lights as plain decorations. Installing lights because of their designs rather than their effects is a mistake. It would often lead to wasted energy and expense. To get more ideas about making use of light to give beautifying effects through colors and distribution as well as to conserve energy, consult the experts from lighting shops Singapore.


Lighting ideas can indeed improve the total atmosphere of any place especially your home. Using the tips and tricks from the experts are worth all the effort and time. You can have a comfortable place that looks classy and modern that you will surely be proud of.