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A HDB flat may not be as fancy as a condo with exclusive in-house facilities or a landed property that comes with multiple floors and a personal backyard, but you can still live luxuriously by incorporating the right interior design. Rather than watching others reside in a lavish looking home, why not do the same with your own house?

At Carpenters, we help to make your dream, a reality. We offer renovation packages to owners in Singapore with a HDB BTO or resale flat, covering a range of 2 room, 3 room, 4 room to 5 room flats. We do our very best to make sure that we can cater to owners with any type of housing, which is why we provide a diverse variety of options.

Similar to any other properties that are interested in doing an interior design to revamp their home, a HDB owner will also have to keep their budget in check when it comes to renovating. It is especially important for one to know which part of the apartment they want to focus the renovation works on, as the cost is dependent on the type of room.

The master bedroom or living room will typically cost more than a normal bedroom. Aside from the type of room, the costs for the renovation works is also influenced by the size of the room. The bigger the size of the room, the more costly the renovation works become. Having more rooms in your apartment will also make the costs higher if you intend to renovate your entire house.

Our interior designers will work hand in hand with our clients in all our projects, as we want to make sure that your ideas and thoughts are shared with us. Because at Carpenters, we don’t only come up with designs but we also pay attention to what you want as we wish to fulfil your desires. Having a BTO flat means you can go wild with your imagination, with it being an unfurnished apartment and yours to own.

A resale flat however, is designed for a new owner other than yourself so the planning and design conceptualisation has to be planned extra carefully. The interior designers at Carpenters are able to help with their years of expertise in the industry and remarkable workmanship. Additionally, the costs of renovation will cost 30% to 40% more than new flats as it has a higher market value than a BTO flat, depending on the location.

The services offered ranges from professional consultation, painting services, ceiling works, carpentry work, masonry work, electrical work, and many more. For resale flats, extra services like the removal of existing floors and wall tiles are included. Over the past years, we have compiled together a comprehensive portfolio of HDB BTOs and resale flats, consisting of apartments from both the west and east region.

At Carpenters, you can build your dream home where you can indulge in a comfortable and stylish lifestyle with the guidance of our exceptional interior designers.

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