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HDB Renovation Ideas To Get You Started (Demo)


Whether one had only just recently acquired their Housing Development Board flat, or had been living there for quite some time around, had most likely considered HDB renovation ideas to change the overall look and ambiance of the place, as well as to give it a more personalized touch and feel, since most Housing Development Board flat default designs are generic by nature.

Some HDB renovation ideas could transform a Housing Development Board flat and make it appear like a first-class flat instead. But before renovating one’s Housing Development Board flat, it is of utmost importance to secure and acquire all the necessary requirements, such as a renovation permit, in order to do so. This is in order to avoid possible prosecution and other potential problems in the future.

If one is planning to hire contractors and interior designers in order to implement one’s HDB renovation ideas its best to hire one’s that are officially accredited by the Housing Development Board itself. One thing is that they at least know what is allowed and what isn’t when it comes to renovating a Housing Development Board flat. Another thing is in order to avoid potentially running into irresponsible and unsavory contractors that operate like some sort of scam, like those who act like extortionists and would most likely ask for extra payments later on that don’t seem to be a part of what has been initially agreed upon. Always try to have the following in an agreement like a fixed budget, the time when work would start and end for the day, and other conditions in case it would exceed the initially agreed upon deadline.

Here are some HDB renovation ideas for anyone planning to remodel their Housing Development Board flat whether with the assistance of an interior designer or contractors, or going the DIY route.

  1. For those who want their Housing Development Board flat to appear more spacious, apply several mirrors, as well as lots of white with accents. Mirrored walls tend to create the illusion of making the space appear wider than they seem. White, on the other hand makes a room appear larger. Using white for a background is great mainly because of its versatility and flexibility with other colors. The entire room doesn’t have to be white; however, the main walls are fine. Rather, combine it with darker shades in order to create a contrast. Alternative choices instead of white are light blue or sea shades, citrus, or even pastel colors. Light blue is the next best option to white as it creates this effect similar to the sky. Also use light-colored curtains and let them drape into the floor.
  2. For pack rats and those who have a lot of stuff, a wall-mounted cabinet is recommended. Because cluttered stuff is not just unsightly and looks messy, but leaving them unorganized could make one possibly damage or lost an item and also give one a quite hard time if ever looking for something. A wall-mounted cabinet solves this problem and makes things more organized. Depending on the layout of the room and furniture, an elevated wall-mounted cabinet might be the better choice for some. Also, a sliding door is recommended for the cabinet as it saves even more space. This way objects could also be placed in front of the cabinet without the need of having to move it whenever one opens their storage shelf. Also, use folding or multipurpose furniture, like a low, rectangular cabinet that with a cushion on its top could double as a bench, or a bed that could be folded into a wall-mounted cabinet, or transformed into a sofa. Also take advantage of those extra vertical spaces. Be creative and think of whatever one could actually place in those extra spaces.
  3. Housing Development Board flats appear to be getting smaller and smaller as the years go by. One solution to make out the best of it for smaller flats is to try to install movable dividers or sliding walls in some areas where division, privacy, or covering up is needed such as from the living room to the kitchen. Like sliding doors on cabinets as stated above, sliding doors on doors itself consume less space as opposed to swing-out doors.
  4. Some HDB renovation ideas when it comes to renovating a small bathroom: an elevated wall-mounted shelf would be able to provide a lot of storage space. Much better if it would be a mirrored wall-mounted cabinet, with mirrors mounted into the cabinet door so that it would also double as the bathroom mirror. A well placed mirrored wall in the right angle in the bathroom also provides the illusion of having more space.
  5. Decorating one’s Housing Development Board flat balcony: anyone could still have a garden by adding some flowers and plants and other greenery into the vertical wall on the sides. Also, make good use of the railings by hanging up more flowers there. You may even add some sort of bar-counter or table, sparing the need for an actual table in the balcony while at the same time still has more open space. A pair of chairs would also be handy.
  6. Read a lot of home and interior design magazines, and also browse through the internet for interior home designs. What appears to be common sense would actually generate a lot of HDB renovation ideas. One does not always have to exactly copy what they see, only those that they want, could afford, or those that could be realistically implemented. One is even bound to discover ideas that seem so simple yet they never thought possible before.

Cost, budget, space, comfort and convenience aside, other things to consider in HDB renovation ideas are whenever one has just recently moved in are hacking off walls and replacing the flooring or wallpaper or wall color, depending on one’s preferred design or in order to match up with the renovations that are about to be made.