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Great HDB Interior Design Ideas (Demo)

Your home is your pride. It is the fruit of your hard work. Your home also says a lot about you, so it is important to keep its interior clean, organized, and stylish. If you’re looking to buy an HDB home in Singapore, here are some great HDB interior design ideas that you can use.

Minimalist HDB interior design ideas
If you are building a small one bedroom or two bedroom HDB home, it’s best to go with a minimalist interior design which follows the “less is more” design principle.
• Choose a neutral wall paint or wallpaper. Paint your wall white, flesh, or grey. This makes your home look more polished and spacious.
• Use simple furniture. Do not choose wood items with excessive carving, paint or design.
• Keep your colour palette tight. Make sure that most items in your home come from the same colour family.
• Choose a single standout piece. You can place a single pink chair or a colourful rug, which will stand out in the sea of grey, white and black. This will add an element of surprise and fun to the design.
• Incorporate indoor plants into your design. The whole point of the minimalist design is to create a Zen vibe, so bring in live plants to add texture to your design.

Remember that the goal of minimalist HDB interior design is to create a peaceful, calm and clutter-free environment. Keep this in mind when choosing the right items for your home.

Classic HDB interior design ideas
Classic interior is one of the well-loved types of interior design. It exudes a strong feel of luxury. A classic style living room makes you feel like a royalty.
• Choose a wallpaper with classic and luxurious feel. You can use a wallpaper with floral or lace outlines.

• Use a lovely canopy bed, which makes you feel like a royalty.

• Install chandeliers in your bedroom, dining room and even in your bedroom. Chandeliers give every room an elegant and sophisticated vibe and you’ll be surprised, a chandelier is not as expensive as you think. There are a number of affordable but stylish chandeliers that you can find in your local home depot or furniture store.
• Choose classic sofas that provide superior cushioning. Make sure that your sofas and chairs look elegant yet comfortable.
• Invest in classic and luxurious lampshades. If you have money to burn, you can purchase an antique. However, if you are on a budget, you can find a classic-style lampshade in a local thrift store.
• Don’t be afraid to use furniture with floral upholstery fabrics. These items are stylish and they give your living room a homey and warm vibe.

The key to classic interior design is luxury and elegance. If you want to feel like a million bucks, give your house a classic makeover using these classic HDB interior design ideas.

Oriental Interior Design ideas

The oriental design is becoming more and more popular nowadays because it is interesting and comes with a more classic and sophisticated vibe.
• Place a bonsai on your coffee table. This gives your living room an Asian vibe.
• Chinese umbrellas are colourful, stylish and fun. To give your living room an oriental feel, place a string of colourful Chinese umbrellas on one of your windows.

• Chinese umbrellas are colourful, stylish, and fun. To give your living room an oriental feel, place a string of colourful Chinese umbrellas in one of your windows.
• Place porcelain jars in your living room, kitchen or dining room. These jars can cost you an arm and a leg, but they are worth it.
• Decorate your bedroom or your living room with porcelain Japanese dolls. These dolls are adorable and elegant and they give any room an oriental vibe.

Rustic HDB Interior Design Ideas

The rustic interior design is now becoming more and more popular because it brings heart and warmth to every room. It is simple and inexpensive.
• Use solid and natural fabrics. You can use canvas, wool, linen and burlap.
• Use non-polished wood. Non-polished wood is raw and interesting and it adds character to any room.
• Recycle old furniture. You can take out the wood on old furniture pieces and turn these pieces into a new piece.
• Use wooden decors that contain quotes that reflect your mood, principles or personality. This adds a little personality to your room.

Modern HDB Interior Design Ideas

This style is the most common interior design type mostly because it has a modern and edgy feel.
• Mix different patterns in one room – florals, ikats and more. You can also mix different colours.

• Use ultra-comfortable and well-cushioned sofas.
• Add some writing on your wall. You can place a quote wallpaper in your bedroom or living room.
• Use modern-style lighting.
• Warm up your rooms using mirrors.
• Create a great television viewing area in your living room where your family can watch TV or movies together.
Elegant Country Style HDB Interior Design Ideas
If you want your HDB home to have a farmhouse vibe, then you may find the following country-style interior design ideas useful:
• Use a barn door TV cover. This crafty piece is creative, unique, and it gives your living room a unique style.

• Use different types of chairs in your dining room. This gives your dining room a unique country style.

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• Use handmade textiles. These fabrics give your home a “homey” and “country-like” feel.
• Use pastel colours. These colours are fun, light, and easy on the eyes.
• Use classic and colourful carpets.
• Place fresh flowers on your dining table and coffee table. You can use an old kettle as a flower vase.
• Use a hand-pump faucet from the 1800s. This faucet is unique and it can be a statement piece.
• Use floral bed sheets.
• Hang wooden paintings on the wall.
• Display your most priced glasses and plates in a glass cupboard.
You do not have to break the bank to have a stylish home. All you need is a little creativity, imagination and a few HDB interior design ideas.

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