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Finding the Appropriate and Best Renovation Package in Singapore (Demo)


Renovating your condominium unit or house entails a lot of work. It is also costly even though the area for renovation is small. Most of the time, renovation works involve the removal of old materials and replacing these with newer ones. To save money in your renovation, consider availing of a renovation package Singapore. A renovation package deal makes the entire renovation process a lot easier to handle.

How do you choose the right package in renovating your home?

First, plan the renovation you want. Knowing which part of your home should be renovated makes the selection process simpler and faster. Consider the importance of renovating the area and your needs for renovation.

Space is also an important factor in deciding whether you need a renovation package or not. Make simple questions that are answerable with a yes or a no. Questions may include “do I need the new addition in the kitchen or do I have to change the walls or not?” These simple questions may seem mundane but they will save you a lot of money during the renovation process.

Second, decide on your budget. Before you inquire any renovation package Singapore, know how much you are willing to spend every month. Renovation takes months so be ready to shell out money in a monthly basis. Stick to your renovation plans so that you will not spend money on unnecessary costs.

Third, ask for quotations by inquiring from different contractors. Then, choose the best package that tailors to your renovation plans and offers the lowest cost. Understand each service that is included in the renovation package. If possible, request an explanation how did they come up with the costs. Clarify everything that you do not understand in the quotations. Doing this helps you determine whether there are hidden costs and charges that you cannot identify at first glance on the quotations.

Fourth, check out the business profile of each of the contractors. Compare their prices, any discount offers, experiences, and quality of service. Also, know the kind of designs and styles that the contractor has been performing in their past renovation package Singapore. Choose a contractor who has a good grasp of what you want in terms of design and style. Thus, the contractor should be able to understand what you really need for the renovation.

Try asking your friends, relatives and colleagues for any reviews about a specific contractor. Any experiences from someone close to you are more reliable than those you read in their company profile reviews.

Fifth, check if the contractor has registration with the housing and development board (HDB). This fact check is essential if you are living under the HDB. Remember that in Singapore, 80% of the housing development are regulated by the government agency. The government manages and releases permits and business licenses to operate to contractors who like to renovate HDB homes. The HDB intends to provide healthy and affordable living spaces to all citizens. Thus, always remember to inquire with the HDB regarding the legality of the contractor.

Sixth, understand the services included in the package. A renovation package Singapore comprises of so many services. Knowing these services helps you decide the perfect package for your renovation. Below are five of the services that are mostly included in the package:

Repainting Services

If you want a renovation as simple as changing the color of your bedroom or the entire unit, you can avail of a repainting package. It includes talking with the contractor’s interior designer so you can choose the right color coordination.

Reorganizing the furniture

Wanting to change the feel of the furniture at home is normal. Besides, reorganizing the furniture is recommended for homeowners who want to free up some space or make their house look spacious. Hiring a professional to do it for you is affordable. Thus, if you do not have time to reorganize your furniture, this renovation package Singapore is the right bundle for you.

Adding Decorations

Adding a few or more decorations may seem so simple. However, the actual deed is really a complicated process. You need coordination and interior designing skills to create harmony in your decorative items. If you are artsy and have a knack for interior designing, this package may become redundant. However, asking for professional help is time-saving. If you do not have an eye for interior designing, better ask a professional to do it for you.

Floor, Roofing and Walls Replacement

If you have been living in a cramped space for years, a renovation may become necessary. Replacing the floor, roofing or renovating the entire house is appropriate. This renovation package Singapore may be a little pricier than the two packages mentioned above. However, investing in this kind of renovation is worth it. You are not just making your house look new. You are also increasing its value, especially if you are trying to sell your old unit.

Enhancing the Electrical System

A faulty electrical system is dangerous. Aside from being dangerous, it also increases your utility bill, especially with wirings that are not grounded or are the cause of short circuits. If you are planning to install a home air conditioning system in your house, a renovation to your electrical system may be recommended. Before you avail of this package, try asking a professional technician’s opinion first.

Seventh, after choosing the appropriate renovation package Singapore, schedule a meeting with your selected candidate. Relay everything you want with the renovation plans. After communicating, listen to their plans on how they will do the renovation. Will you need to rent another space so the renovation takes place without disturbing your daily activities? Such matters should be communicated clearly to avoid any misunderstandings and conflict.

A renovation package Singapore is a worthy investment. However, you have to make decisions such as the renovation plan, budget, and hiring the right contractor. Thus, before spending money on renovation, evaluate first if you really need it and if you have the budget for it.