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Factors to Consider When Hiring an Interior Designer (Demo)


Buying your own home for the first time is a huge milestone. It feels like the years of saving and working hard to make that purchase have finally paid off. Nevertheless, having your dream home is an entirely different story. It is not a milestone that you should strive for, but more of a lifestyle that must be maintained. Buying your home is the first step towards your dream home. After that, bring your dream home into life by adding structures, furnishings and the like. There are lots of things you have to think about when designing your own home. If you are not a professional, you might end up with an inconvenient home. To avoid this, you have to consult professionals – interior designer Singapore in particular.

Engineers, architects, interior decorators, carpenters and interior designers are professionals who work together in the same industry. Their respective expertise is relevant in everyone’s quest for a dream home. But what makes interior designers extra special is the fact that they put into consideration your lifestyle, preferences, and finances in doing their jobs.

The job of an interior designer Singapore is focused on four things: aesthetics, function, safety, and price. When he creates a plan, he mixes and matches colors and textures, specifically on fabrics, floor tiles, and wall hangings. He helps you pick the most suitable furniture for each room in your home as well. In addition, he offers ideas regarding which appliances and equipment to include in certain rooms. He has to decide the placement of fixtures and furniture, too. In the planning process, an interior designer takes into consideration your budget. That makes his job more indispensible. Hiring one can help you avoid structural or aesthetic nightmare later on which can lead to costly repairs or renovations. Below are the things you have to ponder about when looking for an interior designer.


Singaporeans can borrow from the government or private sector when buying their own HDB units. In most cases, the units are not yet furnished. That is when the services of an interior designer singapore become relevant.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that the services of an interior designer are not free-of-charge. You are going to pay for his services as well as for the materials required. You have to save a lot before you can hire one. If you prefer a top interior designer, you have to prepare for high service fees.

Compared to contractors and interior decorators, the services of interior designers tend to be more expensive. Interior decorators are mostly concerned with the surface or aesthetics while interior designers are equally concerned with the aesthetics and function of a room. Additionally, interior designers underwent at least 6 years of combined schooling and apprenticeship while interior decorators don’t have the same extensive learning experience.

But just because the services of interior decorators are cheaper than that of interior designers doesn’t mean that you should do the former them right away. Keep in mind that they have different areas of expertise and hiring the wrong professional might cause problematic structures later on.

Work Needed

If you are designing a home from scratch, an interior designer singapore is the professional you should rely on. He will guide you in every single step of the way – from choosing an over-all design theme to picking the ornaments. That might seem simple but in the process, he has to determine the placement of plumbing systems and electrical wirings.

Interior decorators are suitable options if you simply need to change your furniture, wall decors, window treatments and other furnishings. They are not much concerned with structures.

If you are going to renovate an entire home, you should look for an interior designer. Minor renovations only call for contractors. For instance, if you just want to install a new bathtub, you can just call a plumber. Another example is when you want to change the tiles in your kids’ bathroom. You can just seek the services of a tile setter although the services of an interior designer might help if you want to change the placement of fixtures.


You should select an interior designer Singapore who knows first-rate contractors and manufacturers. You can opt to ask a potential interior designer or look for his online profile to have an idea regarding his professional network. An interior designer should know subcontractors that can do the jobs in most (if not all) areas of renovation. These subcontractors include carpenters, electricians, plumbers, tile setters and painters. Unlike interior designers, interior decorators are mostly familiar with manufacturers of furniture, carpenters, upholsterers and repairmen.

Knowledge in Computer-aided Design (CAD)

Nowadays, interior designs must first be presented in a digital form before execution. These are products of computer-aided design (CAD). This software is beneficial for you as the homeowner because you can have an actual idea of how the design is going to be. An interior designer singapore is expected to be knowledgeable in CAD. Some firms give potential clients free-of-charge CAD services. You can take advantage of this when selecting an interior designer.

Material Selection

The work of an interior designer singapore is greatly defined by the materials he selects. Material selection should be dependent on the lifestyle, preferences, and budget of the client. However, it takes a skilled contractor to determine which materials complement the aforementioned variables.


You cannot fully measure the capabilities of an interior designer singapore until you have a personal experience hiring their services. However, trying the services of someone without any idea how it’s going to be is too risky for your finances and safety. Reviews from previous clients abound online to help you find the interior designer that can do the job you require him to.

Reading reviews can give you an idea about the accuracy of the estimate of the interior designers as well. When you undergo renovation with a tight budget, an overly inaccurate estimate can be a major problem. Make sure you have a spare budget for add-ons that are beneficial on your part.