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Designs and Ideas to Maximize Bedroom Space in Singapore (Demo)


Singapore is a rich, well-developed country where over five million people live. Despite this population count, Singapore only has a total land area of 719.1 square kilometers. With these numbers, the resulting population density of the country is approximately 7987 people per square kilometer of land area. That figure is relatively high compared to most countries. In fact, when ranked, Singapore is the third country in the world with the highest population density, next to Macau and Monaco.

Because of this relatively congested land area, majority of Singapore’s inhabitants live in high rise buildings, flats, condominiums or penthouses, as opposed to the conventional houses in other countries. Doing so significantly saves land space for other infrastructures or land developments.

Regarding this, efficiency in interior designing to maximize space in homes is critical, particularly in the bedroom where you need to personalize its design without losing its ability to give you comfort. The good news is that with the many bedroom ideas, design tips and inspiration at present, you don’t need to choose between form and function again.

Under the Bed Storage

Nowadays, of all the bedroom ideas for saving space, this design gains popularity the most. In fact, many home furniture stores today are selling this ready-made. However, it is still better to have it customized so its dimensions will efficiently suit the bedroom’s space.

Basically, this bed differs from the normal bed because its top part can be lifted. The bottom part, which is enclosed by a solid frame, acts as a kind of closet or storage.

The main benefit of this kind of bed, aside from its space-saving ability, is that whatever you store inside the bed will not get dusty. For this reason, it is a great storage space for extra, seldom-used clothes, shoes, and other apparels.

The only downside of this is that it is not suitable for installation in children’s bedroom. This is because flipping the top part of the bed to open the storage will require quite a force. Additionally, opening and closing it can be dangerous if the locking mechanism is not properly latched.

Under the Bed Drawer

This type of bed is a variation of the under the bed storage. Instead of flipping the top part of the bed, drawers are installed underneath, instead.

The main advantage of this in contrast with the under the bed storage is that several layers of storage space can be fitted. This is especially useful for organization of personal materials and pieces of clothing. Furthermore, having drawers is safer than opting for the under the bed type of storage. This idea is perfect for children’s bedroom.

As a downside, under the bed drawers take up more space. Opening the drawers will require lateral space for the compartments to open fully so it is not ideal for beds placed close to the walls or other furniture that may block the opening of the drawers.

Walk-in Closet Beds

Walk-in closets are excellent add-ons when thinking of bedroom ideas and renovations. However, having one installed requires a tremendous amount of space. For space efficiency, integrating it with the bed is an excellent idea.

In this, the walk-in closet is secured underneath a loft bed. The “roof” of the closet will act as the bed itself. Beneath the bed, a “small room” will be formed. It can be enclosed with stylish wood walls with decorative door and voila, you can create spacious walk-in closet.

Workplace by the Bedside

One of the most useful bedroom ideas for students, writers or bookworms is workplace by the bedside. In here, a wall-hanging panel is installed in close proximity to the bedside. The panel will act as the table and the bed will serve as the chair. This style can save space since you no longer need to consume a lot of space for extra study or work table and chairs.

Additionally, with careful estimation of space, additional panels can be installed above the main panel. The high panels, because of their height, cannot serve as tables, but they are extremely useful in displaying other stuff like decorations, toy collections, or books.

Furthermore, the bedside lampshade also serves as the table light source, so electricity and lamp costs can be cut down to a minimum.

Closet Bed

Most of the bedroom ideas listed above are appropriate for the family or master bedroom. Now, if one has an extra bedroom, a closet bed is probably a good idea.

A closet bed typically looks like an ordinary closet on the outside. However, when opened, instead of finding drawers, storage space, or clothes, you can find a mattress, which will act as the bed itself.

Because of its unusual look, it is suitable in guest rooms rather than family rooms. When there are no visitors, it is also a perfect spot for reading. By just adding some lights and bright paint inside, it could be a perfect reading nook in the house.

Additionally, because most closet beds are elevated, the space underneath can also be converted to drawers. You can use the extra storage space to store books and other reading materials.

Flip Out Guest Bed

Of all the minimalistic bedroom ideas, perhaps the most innovative, stylish and useful in terms of function is the flip-out guest bed. This kind of addition is convenient for people who have frequent visitors, but do not have enough room to let them sleep in.

Functionally, this bed can act as an office table at day and a bed at night. The bed itself is concealed inside a relatively bulky shelf-like table, which is preferably placed adjacent to a wall. However, to save more space, you can hide the bed to the wall itself if it is thick enough.

When friends come over to sleep, you can pull the table to reveal the obscured bed. The great thing in this is that after pulling, the table is designed to remain parallel to the floor, which means that it does not cause the things at the tabletop to get messy. If empty, the tabletop can also act as a ladder to the flip out bed, which is typically elevated a little bit.

When thinking of bedroom ideas for a Singapore home, there are no limitations. There are always thoughts to try and practices to apply. What is discussed here is just the spark to keep the innovations going. It is not bad to copy these ideas, but it is always better to improve and personalize these thoughts to suit a home perfectly.