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Decorating Tips For Your Nursery

Expecting a newborn can be an exhilarating time. You have to make sure that you and the baby are both healthy and well. This will require some hospital visits for prenatal care, eating well and exercising. Along with that, you also have to think about the room that the baby will sleep in.

The room should be a safe and soft environment with gentle imagery that makes the baby comfortable. Some tips that you can use to ensure that the room is adequate for the small angel is shared below.


Colour Choice

Whether you are having a boy or a girl you should choose the appropriate colours to make the room look and feel beautiful. Pink is a favourite shade when it comes to girls rooms while blue is often chosen when a baby boy is on the way. However, some parents prefer to paint the room in neutral colours. The room can be decorated using a light colour if the parents want a spacious and clean feel. You could also opt for wallpaper with different textures and designs. You can have the wallpaper put on all the walls if you wish but having one accent wall can make the room look from drab to fab.

Remember to have the wall trims in a lighter shade than your wall for a more appealing visual look.

If you are bold and you don’t want a dull colour or wallpaper on the wall, you can try patterns such as vertical stripes to make the room’s height accentuated or horizontal ones that will give a broader feel inside the room. You can also pick one colour to help you in decorating the room. If you choose an accent wall with a blue colour then you have blue items in different capacities in the room like the rug, blue beddings or even a blue chair this will make the room very modern. Consult a Singapore interior design company if you have any doubts.



Every room needs light, and the nursery is no exception. It is essential for the room to have a window that can let in clean air and natural light inside. This is important for the well being of the new baby. You should have good curtains or drapes that can block out that light when it is time for the little one to sleep.

The way the window is can also be elevated for a better and comfy feel when in the nursery. Make sure that they are regularly cleaned because the dust that they gather can affect the respiratory of the baby. The lighting that you use at night should be well chosen; you can have one bright light that will help you to see during the night when you want to change the baby and on soft one when you are soothing the baby back to sleep.



This is very important in any room and especially with a newborn. You want to have enough space to keep all the baby’s diapers, clothes, and toys within reach but in an organised manner. Get a baby crib that has in-built storage drawers to help you in maintaining the space.

Decorating a nursery can be overwhelming for some, but you don’t have to stress yourself when you can have a qualified company take care of it while you take care of you and the precious little one.