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A condominium may be smaller than your usual HDB apartment but it is accompanied with astounding in-house facilities and basic fixtures like a built-in washing machine, which calls for a refined and fresh look.

Though it may be a compact living space, that doesn’t equal to an easier time at designing. Condo interior design in Singapore is not as simple as it looks, in fact no design is easy, no matter the type of housing.

As compared to a jumbo HDB flat or landed property, a condo apartment is more likely to have limitations and restrictions due to its smaller living space. It may be harder for you to let your creative juices flow and come up with a design or style that suits your taste with the little amount of space provided.

However, having a tiny living space can still be a good thing if you play it smart.

Without considering a backyard or second floor hallway and rooms like an average landed property, a condo can have lower costs involved when it comes to furniture pieces and home decor. Here is when the condo housing shines, as you can potentially have a lower budget if you do it right.

Though there may not be a backyard in a condo like how it is for a landed property, one can always make full use of the balcony. It may be tinier but there are ways to make it elegant and ravishing at a modest price.

Maximising the amount of space available in a condo apartment is not the same as cramping all your furniture together in one living space. As a matter of fact, there are various ways to make a small space feel and look a lot bigger.

Foolproof ways like painting the ceiling or pulling furniture away from the wall can easily make the room look and feel much bigger. It does not take a large landed property to have a posh daily lifestyle. You can have a luxurious living environment as long as you know what you’re doing when you’re designing your home.

Coming up with a certain design or style in mind is simple, you can go wild and crazy with your ideas as long as you keep it within the area of living space and budget. So what’s the tough part?

Executing the design is a lot of hard work, it takes up a lot of effort, time and dedication. For beginners especially, you may feel like you have been driven into a corner when it comes to the actual design work.

This is when the help of a professional interior designer is usually needed to guide you through your condominium interior design. It is best to seek for someone who is well-experienced, with a set of acclaimed interior designs to ensure that the end result of your apartment is gratifying.

The space may be more limited than a usual home, but it does not mean that you should limit yourself when it comes to perfecting your condominium interior design in Singapore!

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