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What to Do With the Kids’ Rooms When They’re off to College?

The little darling that used to fit right in your arms is a baby no more. Seemingly overnight, he or she has grown taller, bigger, smarter, and ready to start a new life in college. So, they pack up their luggages and head out. You drop them off at some faraway institution, bid your teary farewells, and go home to a largely vacant bedroom.

With Singapore’s notorious housing prices, it would be a shame to let the precious square footage goes to waste. Seeing as the kids return from time to time, it would be unwise to rent out the room either. However, that shouldn’t stop you from breathing a second life into the space. Here are three ways to use the college kid’s room while they are away. Take a look!

Arts & Crafts Room

In most cases, the bedroom already comes equipped with a study desk. Simply stock it up with your tools of choice, be it paintbrushes or a hot-glue gun, and you can start crafting away. Alternatively, leverage the room as a study room for when you need some peace and quiet to delve into literature.

The room affords you a respite to be with your thoughts in solitude – considered a luxury by many a parent. Indeed, parenthood is a full-time job. But, me time has been proven to be essential for the wellbeing of parents, as well as marital relationships.

With the spare time you’re finally getting, rekindle your passion and cultivate new hobbies. You are allowed to find your way back to your identity as an individual, who is beyond just someone’s parent.

Gym Room

Gym subscriptions can be expensive. And let’s face it: we hardly make the most out of it. Between making time every day to travel to the gym and queuing for facilities, it’s just too much hassle sometimes.

Well, with the now-empty bedroom, consider setting up a makeshift gym room at home. Invest in some simple, mobile equipments, like a jump rope or some dumbbells. These can be easily removed when children pay a visit. Utilize the air-conditioning and lighting in the room to ensure your safety during exercises. If there is a left-behind mirror, sound system or even TV, use it to your advantage for an enjoyable workout session.

Expanded Wardrobe

Have an overflowing wardrobe? Running out of space for your new hauls? With most of the clothes carted off to their dormitories, feel free to take over their closets. Cue the aforementioned mirror to make for a decent private dressing room. Additionally, you can complete the ensemble with a vanity, if there is one lying around. For working parents, this can divide traffic during early mornings. No more bumping into each other while rushing for work!