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Carpenters is accredited with CASETRUST-RCMA ! (Demo)

In recent times, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (RCMA) launched a joint accreditation scheme for renovation businesses.


Do you have an impression of what this scheme is? Let Carpenters break it down for you to understand. To start with, Carpenters is proud to present we are one of the NINE COMPANIES ONLY in Singapore to be awarded and accredited with RCMA-CASETRUST!


With all the renovation complaints lately over the past years gathered by CASE, more customers have been facing renovation nightmares instead of their dream home. Home renovation is one of the largest expenses subjected by consumers to pay a hefty deposit before a project is completed.


A non accredited company could give you a quotation that fits nicely within your budget or even lower than an accredited company that can also fit your budget too. BUT the difference between these companies is should the non accredited company close down you don’t get your refund back! What a nightmare!


For Carpenters to be accredited with this scheme, it also ensures that we provide top notch materials and interior design services, so you get what you pay for!We are subjected to a stringent set of criteria, such as trained and ethical sales staff, with clearly articulated and documented policies on fees and fee refund, as well as compulsory on-site workmanship assessment to be conducted by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore.


Link : Straits time News on renovation nightmare (


This news have definitely muddled many consumers fearing they would approach the wrong company. With Carpenters, you would never go wrong because we are accredited with this scheme!


With this new accreditation scheme, it ensures that consumers are protected against the closure, winding up and/or liquidation of the renovation business through a deposit performance bond that safeguards their deposit payments”. The new scheme also required accredited members to adopt a CaseTrust Standard Renovation Contract to “ensure cost transparency and accountability for listed deliverables in a renovation project”. are visibly showing that they strive to put their consumers first and ensure to that their consumers get what they have paid for.


Which means if your designated company wind up in the midst of your renovation, this scheme ensured you a 100% full refund for your money! Besides, with the criteria to ensure transparency which also certify our company provides honesty, down right to black and white to ensure we do not ‘eat’ or ‘hide’ unnecessary capital and costs from you. It highlights the fact that we are committed toward maintaining a high level of good business practices. Carpenters are also visibly showing that we strive to put our consumers first and ensure to that their consumers get what they have paid for.


Additionally, This scheme also act as a middleman should both consumer and the renovation business have conflict involving contractual value and complex issues where parties were unable to reach a settlement. Forking out a large amount of funds can be knotty, so be sure to choose the right interior design company!


Read more about the scheme: Casetrust RCMA Scheme (


Be sure, be protected!

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